$100 travel coupon for a superhost

I was shopping for some places last night. Most are way beyond the credit (and out of my price range) but there is one guy with a modified-camping offering for $30 a night - so it would have been helpful to know how it works.

Easter Island, Chile…sounds amazing. Good for you!

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I have a $100 credit because of a host referral. I can not find, anywhere on the site, how long I have to use that credit, anyone know where to find that information?

I go to Santiago with my free miles and will pay for getting to Easter island. Otherwise it will be a golden trip :slight_smile:

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If you don’t use the whole amount you won’t receive the difference. See here: /help/article/1352/my-coupon-code-isn-t-working

I can’t post links because I new but that’s what it says on the Airbnb help site.

A few months ago I received a book “The Airbnb Story”. When I first joined I received a Carbon-monoxide detector.

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I just got their premier 1st magazine

I just got that too. They’re trying to get us hooked on their feel good ad mag and pay for a subscription…

I wouldn’t be too happy to receive this gift- diamonds, jewelry, champagne :clinking_glasses: different story

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