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10 Most Popular Airbnb Destinations

If you hit the pay wall at the link above, you can see an archived version here:


The list:

The data comes from a survey commissioned by Airbnb among 2,200 adults in the US, and nearly half of respondents said they will prefer to stay within a day’s drive for their first trip after lockdown lifts. Indeed, since the outbreak of the pandemic, the percentage of bookings made on Airbnb within 200 miles has grown from one-third of all bookings (in February) to over half (in May), according to the report.

Consider that’s a trip a traveler can make on a single tank of gas at a time when many find their budgets strapped.

The new data also shows the places where Americans are most interested in booking, as Airbnb also released the top 10 trending locations in the US right now as follows:

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