10/7/19 only Ring doorbell $70 $5 shipping


Woot is an Amazon company


Thanks for the heads up! I was looking for a deal on one of these to put on the back door.

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I prefer Canary. Every aspect is better compared to Ring. The best part is Canary has a free plan or a paid plan for $30 a year.

My goal was to share a one day bargain ($70 instead of usual $200). I have ring. I like the neighborhood sharing feature. Ring doorbells are mentioned frequently so I thought others may be interested

Do you have a link to share for Canary so all can become familiar. If you’ve got a link to a “canary on sale” website would be even better.

I am sorry, I would love to share a link to save you money on a superior product. I am not allowed to share links or any features other members have privy too. I would message you a link but again that is a feature in the forum I am banned for life to use. So I recommend searching Canary security cameras and you will be able to buy directly from their website. I have found them cheaper on Amazon.

Just so it’s clear, these ring doorbells from Woot are used customer returns.


Yeah, and get on the local police department surveillance network? No thanks, none of my cameras will be shared nor need to call home to a cloud server.