Youtubetv for multiple listings?

I have four separate listings in NC. One is already without cable and I am planning to cut cable at the other three next month. I have YouTubeTV at home and share it with one of my listings that is already without cable. Although I know YouTubeTV can be shared with another home, there are a maximum of three viewers at a time so I am planning to set up two new accounts, one for two of the listings, and one more for the last one. All the homes have Smart TV’s and access to Netflix and Prime etc, but I find my guests still like to view TV. Cable has become very expensive, and the cable box often needs to be reset so I think YTTV is a better option. I would welcome any input as I am not super tech savvy. Thank you.

IMO, you are over thinking it. Just provide Wireless Internet, LCD TV, and a Roku Express HD+ (the latter is optional if your SmartTV supports all desired services).
One option that might be interesting at $10-15 each is to add a hdtv digital antenna. We did it in our last stay but won’t do it for our current one unless guests ask for it, and they won’t.
Here is info for Digital Antenna and what you may get in your areas:

With my smart Visio TV it is very easy to toggle between internet services like Netflix and digital TV as long as no one decides to change the input selection.

On the Visio remote Netflix has a dedicated button.

The easier it is to navigate, the happier guests will be.

As a YTTV subscriber I thought that the T&C’s only allowed sharing in the same household? By sharing to your rental you could be violating that?