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Your welcome e-mail. What do you include? And when do you send it?

Getting ready to write my first welcome e-mail :slight_smile: What format should I adhere to? Keep it short? Keep it long and detailed? And how far in advance should I send it? Anybody is willing to share theirs?

Thank you!

Welcome email? I respond when a guest books, saying " thanks for booking, looking forward to seeing you…" Since I offer full breakfast choices, when I respond I also include teh breakfast menu and ask them to tell me what they want for at least their first morning’s brekkie, so I can get to the store and have what I need to make it for them.

The day the guest is due to arrive I usually call the them about mid-day – not Text or email – and ask when they will be arriving in the area or at the cabana, so that I can arrange my post 4PM check-in evening accordingly.

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When the guest books, I thank him/her for booking with us. A couple of days prior to their arrival, I send them parking instructions. If they haven’t told me what time they will arrive, I ask. If I believe that they are arriving via airplane, I ask for the name of the airline and the flight number so I can track arrival status.

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I kiss,
Hi, we look forward to meeting you!
Jul 9, 2016

Hi Joe, we are looking forward to meeting you and Art tomorrow. Check in is at 3:00 but let us know your ETA when you have a better idea. Hope you like scones, I am going to bake some for your breakfast! Best,
Last Thursday at 2:08 PM


Hi there thanks for booking. When do you think you’ll be arriving?

I have an automatic lock, and 3 listings in one apartment, so I’m super busy. If they have questions that are in the instructions or rules I just use the saved messages option and send them that or ask them to refer to it. They’re emailed this stuff automatically.

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I still send a personalized email, thanking them for booking, reminding of check in times, and I usually try to entice them to write back with more details of exactly what they are hoping to see/do, telling them I can print out specifics for activities that will be ready upon their arrival.
Even so, what I recommend for them sometimes changes once I meet them.
For instance, had back to back bookings…both of whom had expressed wanting to “be in nature” and “see views of the Adirondacks”.
The first couple arrived…she was wearing kitten heels, carrying a Kate Spade bag, manicured artificial nails, hair perfectly coiffed, Diplomat plates on the car. I got the direct impression she was not going to be cool with peeling in the woods…so I had to modify my recommendations.
They depart. Second couple arrives, she’s wearing hiking boots, carrying a backpack that has bug spray, a tick remover kit, and an ace bandage, among other things. She’s smartly dressed in layers and they pull up in a jeep.
So, even though they said they wanted the same experience…they were very different.
The generic one sized fits all messaging just doesn’t account for the variety of activities that can be experienced here.
I think trial and error is one of the best ways to learn, you will find out if your “welcome letter” (if that’s what you are calling it), is giving you enough knowledge of your guests, and if not, you can modify it until it does :slight_smile:

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I have never sent a welcome email. All communication between me and the guest prior to arrival are done on the Airbnb platform. Sometimes if their arrival plans are uncertain, they might text just before the due time to say that they have been delayed or are on schedule.

During their stay they sometimes text me or knock on my door if they need info. Then, all checkout communications are done on the platform.

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Hi @Lesya,

For what it’s worth, here’s mine

Hi guestname,

See my guest guide attached as a PDF. This guide has the basic
information about my listing, but may be out of date by the time you
arrive. If that is the case, I’ll send you an updated one. If you have
any questions or special needs/requirements, let me know.

Let me know your travel plans and approximate time of check in when
you can. And if you need to cancel or change the reservation, let me
know as soon as possible. I’d appreciate an acknowledgement of this
email, so I know you got it. Thanks.

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Upon inquiry, I tell them it is available and that I must collect tax in cash on their payout amount. If this meets their approval (it always does) then I send another email after they accept with the amount due upon arrival, plus an extensive guest info document in a PDF format. It includes directions, instructions and everything they need to know about the studio and the surrounding area. Guests sometimes say it’s too long but almost all express appreciation for the detailed information. I sometimes suggest that the guests use the long plane ride to Hawaii to look it over. :smile:

I’m a writer for a major New York publisher of popular guidebooks. My guest info document reflects this knowledge. :smile:


I hope they like scones too! :slight_smile: So sweet of you to make them for the guests!

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Your guests are very lucky! :slight_smile:


So far everyone loves them! You are très gentile’ merci

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