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I have been checking my listing’s ranking every other day for the past 5 months. My listing has been on the first page since day 1 if you search my city (using incognito browser mode from various computers/IP addresses)… Now all of a sudden, about 2-3 days ago, I no longer find my listing on the first page using the same search method. I finally found my listing after 18 pages of listing in my city, or until I zoom right into the map area of my property.

Are you guys experiencing this? I am a superhost and have 88% 5-star reviews. One of my concerns is a recent guest gave me a 4 star review and said the property was not clean, the listing was misleading and the location was bad (these were the 3 areas where I got 4 stars from the guest).

I couldn’t imagine this one 4-star review would have such detrimental impact to my Airbnb ranking… any thoughts?

Could be a technical glitch.

I posted about this extensively when it happened to be at Christmas.

Could be worth searching for the thread to read up on what I did to resolve (sorry can’t remember what I named it)

Do you have Instant Book turned on? Apparently, if you do, it raises your ranking.

I’m having problems with the new filters. I provide toiletries like shampoo but when searching as a guest (incognito browser & VPN) my listing will not show up. There’s nothing in settings that I can alter to include this. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Regarding listing ranking, two things:

  1. you must be in Incognito mode in Chrome to accurately see your ranking. Even logged out Air will see your local PC’s cookies and show your ranking as very high.

  2. new hosts get what is called the “New Host Bump” - once that period is past, and no one knows how long that lasts, it may very by area density, your ranking will fall.

If you search this form for both topics you will see it discussed at length.

I believe you are correct about the new host bump. I saw a listing in our area ranked on the first page. It had 1 photo and it was a close up of leaves on a tree (?). It had one review and the review was the the host cancelled the reservation 4 days beforehand! It was a shared room; literally sleeping in the hosts’s room! How does that get to be ranked higher in the searches?

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Yes, if you search this forum for “new host bump” there is quite a bit of discussion on it. Its parameters are a mystery, but I think its duration is probably controlled by an algorithm that takes into account how big your market is and how many hosts are joining.