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Your Most Bizarre Requests

So, we’ve all had them. What is the most bizarre request you have received, either in an inquiry or during a stay?

I’m in Hawaii, as you know. With a year-round average temperature of 80 degrees. I once had a guest check in and ask “What!! You don’t have a heater in the room?!!” (It happened to be the Jennifer guest from hell whom I’ve discussed ad infititum on these pages…worst guest ever. Actually pictured visions of myself getting a bad review because there was not heating in the tropics.)

I run a luxury apartment and it’s priced accordingly. It clearly states everywhere that it’s high end. People are happy paying the rates and enjoy staying there. But once I got this enquiry from a backpacker. Super friendly but wanted to stay "in a bit of luxury as we have been schlepping it all 'round the world - so could we stay in your apartment for, say, $50 a night "? Laughed hard at that one. Rates at the time were $450 :slight_smile:

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