Your Guest Had Some Issues With The Check-In Process

So I just got 4 stars for check-in. This NEVER happened before and the reason is clearly Airbnb’s issue. Needless to say, it will be a waste of time trying to have them fix it.

This is what the user wrote:
“The app sends location data to the wrong location, about 4 miles from actual house. We needed to copy address from app in to a separate phone for navigation. Had we not been traveling with an alternate phone, we would have had a real issue finding the house”.

I wish they would take responsibility!


I had that happen too!! Why? because they didn’t read! They backed down the driveway of every house on the street until they found mine. By the way backing down MY driveway is not allowed. They have to park on the street. I was gone but my neighbor said they backed down my driveway and blocked my co host car.

They should have been able to find it by reading my instructions and looking at the photo. But NOOOOOO…they didn’t read anything. They also bought and used mosquito coils which are strictly forbidden. And they marked me down for check in because THEY didn’t read and THEY are idiots!


I’ve had issues with our location on the app/GPS for months now, so I send guests detailed instructions, like really, really explicit the day before they are due to arrive. And no, they don’t read them. The one thing I haven’t done is contact Airbnb but would this be of any use?

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No. air doesn’t have to do with GPS. I ask my guests not to use GPS to get here but some do. Some get here with success, others don’t. But if they would just read they would find it easiest! :rofl::palm_tree:

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Mine can be tricky without one. GPS will get you to the exact spot if needed.

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Things move more slowly on Hawaii Island. An intersection opened last spring is still not loaded on GPS.

Sometimes GPS takes them waaaaaaay out of their way! Yes they will get here but it’s a highly circuitous route! (Up a mountain road, or down a beach road.)

I must admit the one issue I have never experienced with guests is with directions to my rental - and they receive the arrival information two weeks before arrival. My guests, for some reason, are the type that read (except the one that left two days ago). In fact, most have thanked me after they get to the condo for the “perfect” or “explicit” or “amazingly accurate” (yes, they do write that), instructions.

Personally, I don’t consider the travel path that easy because there are two ways to get there and the street names are difficult for newcomers. One street is the main drag through the area so it’s the most traveled and popular. It will take them to the front entrance of the building. The back street is equally long but is less congested and a more direct way to the garage entrance.

I tell them about both options and suggest they check Google or MapQuest and decide which route they prefer. Apparently they do because they all get there with no problem…and they also follow up with compliments on my instructions. (pat-pat-pat) :blush:

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It would be easiest indeed. GPS, almost without fail, sends people to The Duke of York’s Military School about two miles away. For obvious reasons it’s crawling with security and military personnel, which seems to upset some people when they have to sit outside to call me… I think, in part, they are trying to deal with potential disappointment as the school is very run down, and they are really hoping they won’t be staying there. Some are cross, until I remind them they didn’t read the directions I sent y’day.