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Your favorite before and after (or in-progress) photos?

We all love a great transformation, right?

If anyone else is interested, I’d love to see how you’ve changed or upgraded your space to impress guests (or delight yourself).

We’re renovating, so I have a new favorite every day, but right now I’m in love with our bathroom door. Our house (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/25817360?guests=1&adults=1&s=67&unique_share_id=c8740820-46bb-47e0-af91-4a73cdccf042) has a lot of lovely old architectural salvage elements. As we renovated, we wanted to add to the tradition, so we ended up with a pocket door leading to the bathroom that was salvaged from the local university where I teach.

One problem: It’s a glass door! We love it because we want there to be a lot of light in the space, but … um, it’s a bathroom door.

So we frosted it.

Prep work here:

First attempt (got runny, had to scrape off and start over):

Finished effort from inside bath:

Finished effort from outside of bath:


I remodeled the kitchen; granite countertops and wood flooring. Top picture is the new kitchen.


I love salvage and re-purposing things.

I did an remodel of my own primary bathroom and put on a barn door. It has frosted panels. I chose it for the same reason, more light. I wouldn’t choose a barn door for a bathroom in an Airbnb though. They don’t offer enough privacy.


Wow, gorgeous. Amazing how the lighter countertops open up the space, too!

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I’ve remodeled our whole house from top to bottom, inside and out. Our guests have limited kitchen privileges, but they do eat breakfast there.

Top picture is the before; bottom is the after.


So smart to open up that wall! It makes the space feel instantly bigger.

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Great job on the door. Your cottage looks lovely although there are only five pictures? Are you still working on the listing?

We have some in-progress photos on our Instagram, but I’m a week out from being able to stage for our photography. (If you click through to the individual photos with captions, they all note that we’re renovating and are pre-booking; I also make sure they realize that when they request to book.)

I am extremely excited to get the space out of construction zone and into zhuzh mode

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