Young Host hosting Young Guests

So I’m only 23 and have been doing Airbnb since 21. The guests I find most infuriating are girls my own age ESPECIALLY when they are in pairs. I’m not sure why but they always seem a bit off with me compared to my usual guests which are middle-aged lovely American women. (I host in London). I don’t really know what I’m asking, I just find the power dynamics are always weird when I host other girls my own age…

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What do the young female guests do that make you upset?:

  • Leave your guestrooms untidy after check-out?
  • Are loud during your posted “nighttime quiet hours”?
  • Have more demands than other guests?

I wish you could send us your well-behaved, middle-aged, American women guests. Our last two such guests came here without their husbands. They were looking to “hook-up” with local cowboys. The women called us at 12 midnight to pick them up, as they were too drunk to drive back to our Airbnb home from a local bar where they met two men.

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Maybe because you see them as ‘girls’ @Olivia_Davidson rather than the young women that they are :slight_smile:

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Definitely just a lot less respectful, leave the place not as clean, don’t do their own dishes, loud after hours. Mostly they just aren’t friendly, I had one ask the wifi code before I even said hello!

Oh my goodness, that’s a story I’ve never heard before! Hope they thanked you profusely!

I later thanked the two drunk ladies for not vomiting in our guestroom area, as they could barely walk.

My wife was very upset, when one of the “married” women would not get into our car, as she was too occupied kissing a local cowboy she met at the bar.

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This sounds like typical behavior for that age group; you’re getting it a little worse because they see you as a peer rather than an authority figure.

You might need to work on your disapproving librarian persona and call them out on things early on. Lay down boundaries early so they’ll respect the rest of your house rules.


Maybe they had a “hall pass.” Ya never know what goes on in other people’s marriages/partnerships. But ugh how rude. Don’t they know how to call an Uber?

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There is no Uber or Lyft in our small mountain community. The local taxi service is sparse and undependable, too.

hahaha those sound horrible! But how nice to come a get them like that @Don_Burns

I have only great experiences with the twenty-something-segment.
The less successful ones have been middle-aged Americans who don’t seem to have the same manners and respect like most of the young generation when it comes to Airbnb.

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I’ve now hosted over 600 guests and for every “insert group here” it seems there is another of “insert group here” that is one of my favorites. I wish everyone understood confirmation bias.

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How is that impression extracted from the O.P.'s post?

It’s not. It was a suggestion to adapt it for the purpose.


@Olivia_Davidson you’re at their age, prettier and got their money. Of course they’d be jealous and awkward :joy: middle age women probably see you as their daughter


ah thanks for the clarification

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