You’ve already sent a cancellation request to owner

We booked owner flat from 25 january until 8 february. Owner accepted our request and after she texted from messages to me and said ‘’ sorry from 21 january until 21 february my flat won’t be free (possible)’. After i sent cancel-request for home to her but she did not accept. She said to me ‘You can cancel by your own’. but why i need to cancel if it is not my fault. If i will cancel i will lose %50 of my money. Problem about she is saying my home not free but she is not cancelling our request. I paid money 967 turkish lira for that home. How i will take back our all money? I am checking ‘‘cancel reservation’’ area and clicking ‘‘My host needs to cancel’’ part but saying to me ‘‘You’ve already sent a cancellation request to owner’’ Really i don’t know what i need to do? somebody can help me :confused:

I would call Airbnb and they can look at the messages between you. You are right, if she is the one who wants to cancel it needs to come from her. There is no reason she should be able to keep 50% of your money


Definitely call Airbnb

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Yes your host needs to cancel and us trying to get you to do it. Call Airbnb !!