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You told me, I didn't listen (cheap guests :)



(Wow, good thing I checked back in before I started watching some Netflix.)

No, not Tahoe. That’s the 3 bdrm that I rented out for two summers and then took off the market because of entitled guests with wild kids. It was a nightmare experience in spite of the 5-star ratings.

A stand-alone entire home rental is a different breed from a 1 bdrm condo and I give sincere and respectful props to the many hosts here who are able to successfully manage them.

I know you want my housecleaner (Jill-of-all-Trades). I’m still chuckling over your comment!

And no, my rental is not in Colombia (eek!) - lush and beautiful but soo scary amongst the armed populace (read: armed soldiers and other banditos). No thanks.


Does anyone want to make bets on which male will be accused of sexual harassment tomorrow??

I always wanted to kind of marry a computer guy, insurance agent, cpa. etc. Always though it would rub others the wrong way…

But maybe now is my chance…??


(I don’t think there are any males left.)


The male names are endless. This is so great. I am LMFAO as these assholes get what was coming. Of course not the “innocent” men…always innocent till proven guilty in America.

But it must suck to be in the prime of your life and you go to prison for forcing women to do things for you…oh the irony!!


I think you told me once in a PM so it’s not fair if I guess, :laughing:


Without giving away my age, my first job during college was working as a clerk and secretary in a law firm. I was the office darling and used to feel flattered (silly me) at what would now be called harassment, but which I took as a compliment or good natured teasing. From every single attorney in the office. Married or not.

Sigh. It’s the world we live in.


Was just telling someone the other day about my first job selling mags door to door. Later I moved to the telemarketing dept. And the girls would be taken into rooms and the boss and supervisor would sleep with them. Then just come right back out like they had a meeting or something!

How these guys weren’t afraid that a parent of these teens would find out and file for statutory rape…is beyond me. SMH!


(You may be right but if I told you in a PM, you wouldn’t be guessing.) … :laughing:

BTW, it was the same experience for me back in the day, as with you in your law firm…only it wasn’t flirting by every attorney…only 3 or 4 + one attorney’s husband…and he was creepy (kinda looked like Lauer too).

Come to think of it, all the guys in the headlines are creepy-looking in my book. Not my flavor.

(Oh GAWD, this thread is SO off track, no wonder the OP has never returned.)




@annanyc oh well, some you win, some you don’t win so much


I’d say Los Angeles, but half a million is a little on the low side here. However you could probably find a small condo for that price.


No, not L.A., and it is a small condo (less than 600 sf), but thanks for guessing. [I’m gonna get pummeled for continuing to hack this post.]


poor you - torture - must have felt like you were pulling teeth at times - sadly these kinds of guests are not confined to specific price points although he sound particularly bad - i have had one or two like that over the years - one instant booked and extended her stay till next guest arrived and didn’t even tell me - she basically sat outside on the balcony smoking pot all day - another invited her mother, 6.4 bf, succession of 6 foot friends she was almost 6 foot all from new founland - broke stuff - but that was early in my Airbnb career - we all get them - put it down to experience - now if i get someone like that who is staying for more than 3 nights I contact Airbnb tell them the issue and say issues with safety - and get them moved on - 90% of the time they do understand


He sounds easy going… easy going with regards to exhausting your resources. He would probably approach a buffet table in the same manner. Not so sure what he would do if he was footing the bill. Some guests are like that… where extras are included, they feel they are entitled to use all, get top ups and demand peripherals. No humility or dignity. I actually put in my house rules that if they run out of x they must buy their own for certain items. They shouldn’t use a whole bottle of cooking oil in a weekend for example.


technically he didnt do anythign wrong, just sounds very annoying!


Well if he had 4 extra people over, then I guess you had more like 5 guests in 10 days. Which explains two tooth brushes…


Gotto be San Francisco/Palo Alto area. Although even Seattle condo prices are getting up there.


(Nope…not CA.) … :sunglasses: