You might be a host if

You’re on your way to Costco to buy more white towels and large amounts of toilet paper! (This is literally what I’m going to be doing in the next hour or so.)


Yesterday a past guest sent a request for me to take a pic of the tags from my “fabulous towels.” Charisma from Costco.


Definitely my go-to towel. Just received 2 full sets for $50. I still have my first set with over 1 year of use. Great towels!

You’re leaning over a towel, trying to tweeze out a hair that’s worked it’s way into it.


I used liquid paper!

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That’s brilliant!! I’m adding that to my arsenal.

What is this?

U do a ‘once over’ with a uv torch, your husband sighs/shouts as you point out the last minute chores.


That when your favourite bathroom cleaning product goes on 1/2 price, you clear the shelf, hide your trolley and go and get a rain check so you can get more!


It’s the brand name in the US of a correction fluid for paper.

Ah ours is Tipex.

…when you bake cookies but the kiddos are disappointed they have to wait until you’re done packaging up the “nice” ones for the guest room. Same kiddos are also hoping for more wonky ones or overbaked so more goes into their lunches :wink:


Those are my favorites, too!

… you have already lectured your friends they have to leave before 10:30pm to respect the quiet hours for guests. After that time you also start “sssssht - ssshhttt”-ing your family for the same reason.


I must have missed the original comment about this…you use liquid paper for what?

@freshwater used liquid paper to cover a spot on a sheet!!!

covering little marks on duvet covers

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We rent out the guesthouse but have extra bedrooms in the main house for friends and family.
Last weekend I found myself giving check out instructions to an old friend that had come for a visit. She looked at me quizzically, then apologized profusely for not stripping her bed every time she left after visiting.
Ha! I think I might start people thinking a whole new way when they visit family!