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"You’ll never know what went down at this house.”

Hi guys!

I work in the industry & have heard some INCREDIBLY hilarious stories from Airbnb hosts. Here are 5 great (but also horrific) ones:

5 Worst (or Best?) Airbnb Horror Stories

Hope this makes you smile :slight_smile:


Or cry! The saddest part might be that this is undoubtedly the censored version. Wonder how bad it could really get?!

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wonder if your #1 story was the #sprayathon guy? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3679839/Wall-Street-hedge-funder-fired-Sprayathon-pool-party-trashed-20million-Hamptons-mansion-Fourth-July-weekend.html

Smart way of getting people to click and read your ad. : ) Thanks for making it interesting as opposed to other people who are selling their services here…


Would love to read some other hosts’ wild stories!

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Oh wow! Just heard another incredibly entertaining story from Richard Vaughton on SmartHosts.com:

We had one where an entire marriage was compromised. A young lady rented an apartment for a few days, candles in the bathroom, bubbly bottles in the bin, clearly a good time, nice comments in the guest book.

The problem was she forgot to leave the key. We phoned her, only to find her husband said “Really, I thought she was at a conference all weekend” -(several hundred miles away)

She had entered her home phone number as contact!

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