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You know you are an Airbnb host when

You haunt the thrift shops for cookware, because the beautiful set you started with is ruined!


“When your home toilet paper supply consists of almost used up rolls from the airbnb”

Guilty as charged!!!


Hehehehe …that’s very true …not only friends . I set up Airbnbs in Morrocco, Italy, Kenya and Uganda for people i met on my travels . All of them are doing well .

@Keugenia, I resemble that statement!

You’re always checking your phone in case you miss an instant booking


And partial sticks of butter!


When an absolute stranger drives up and you have to double confirm they don’t have a reservation.

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When you find (to purchase) the 1/2 lb of butter wrapped in 4 nice pieces!!

I was just going to add that one! And the almost-empty bottles of handwash.

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@Brian_R170 - you posted the forum as a link and two people are showing as having clicked on it. Too funny!

Now I’m tempted to … What if it really goes somewhere else? Oooh, the suspense! :grin:


Volunteering at your local animal shelter looks oddly like home … Because all the dog bed blankets and towels are the old ones from your home.

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