Yet another reason to not buy Ring cameras

I don’t know why the most popular security cameras all have to call home and require Cloud storage, where law enforcement could request footage from a camera without ever requiring them to notify the camera’s owner, but I do know that I will NEVER buy a security camera that has to store video outside of my house and outside of my control.

I’m building a security system this winter based on a Raspberry Pi computer and open source Home Assistant software. I’m having a hard time finding HD security cameras that don’t need to connect to the Internet to operate or store footage. I’ve got plenty of extra hard drive capacity on my network to store a huge amount of security footage.

NO WAY would I install a Ring, who created this creepy spy program using local police departments. I happen to live where our police department has little or no corruption, but that doesn’t mean that it will always be so, and I have relatives living in cities where you may be in more danger from the cops than any local criminals. I know that they would be appalled at this program if their local cops became involved.

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