Yet another AirBnB alternative,

I just received a call from another website that essentially replicates the functionality of AirBnB I searched the forum, but could find any previous mentions of it. Has anyone had any experience with this site?

Sigh. I am predisposed to not like them based on the cutesy Z alone.


So bad! Their thumbnails in the search results have a percentage width but a fixed height so they stretch out of proportion based on the user’s browser width. Ew!

The listing detail is also very much laid out like HomeAway / VRBO. Can’t any of these companies come up with their own brand experience? Innclusive is almost a pixel for pixel rip off of Air.

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hehe, the airbnb site still has its own problems, but thats a pretty major design flaw.

I suppose the upside of them all being so similar is, hopefully, that they’re all equally easy to use from the host’s side. But surely it’s a matter of time before someone automates the listing production and management, so as a host we only need to use one site. There are so many now!


I signed up with TRIPZ, paid subscription, online but cannot do anything online until I pay another subscription fee.

Has anyone signed on and had this issue.

Called all numbers listed online, some with 24/7 service hours and cannot talk to a representative.

Does anyone have a contact phone number?

Thank you.

I’d do a chargeback on credit card, all they want is your money.

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Check out Glamping hub. I already got a booking with them. Of course it caters to certain kinds of properties…so not everyone would be a fit. You have to collect your own security, which in the end is not a bad thing because then you can claim on it if need be without their damn mediating.