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Yardhop - Hourly rent your backyard/patio/rooftop


Hi everyone!

I’ve been a guest and host. I have experienced some pain points with troublesome guests who book for a long period of time; as a SF resident, I would love access to some of the places I’ve stayed on a shorter-term basis. Due to the housing crisis in SF, many people don’t have backyards or outdoor space for small, private gatherings the way a homeowner does. Homeowners often don’t use their spaces that much, illuminating a clear opportunity.

My team is trying to solve this problem by connecting homeowners with SF residents interested in hourly rentals of your outside spaces. If you’re interested in monetizing your backyard/patio/rooftop by making less of a commitment than as an overnight host, feel free to reach out to hello@yardhoppin.com, and I’d love to chat with you. You can also visit our site below to learn more.


We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible with whom you share your space. We want to help you reap the same benefits of AirBnB without giving up as much as an overnight host, while helping those who can’t afford luxury housing access private outdoor environments. Hope to hear from you!

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