Ya'll can See the Future....What do I do Now? 8 people in the tiny house?

So in one of the threads I asked about the guest who wanted do a noon to noon booking. You guys told me not to do it, although unfortunately I had already offered so I felt I had to stick to it. Anyway…They showed up today. And instead of the 3 people they booked for, there are now somewhere between 6-8 people in the house (i think 2 went home). I was fine with them having dinner guests, but it seems like they are planning on a big sleepover seeing as it is 11pm now. The house is super smalll I don’t know where they are even putting the extra people, but they check out tomorrow. I don’t have an extra house rule specific to the extra guests- just the max occupancy is set to 4. They check out tomorrow so my plan is just to let it go because I don’t want to deal with it tonight, but leave them a bad review. Does that sound like my best option? Should I say something tonight? I also really don’t want a bad review over this but really, 8 people in 600 square feet and 1 bathroom?

If you don’t charge for extra guests and/or you don’t have any rules about extra guests, then yes, I would let it go for now. They are taking advantage of you though, so be sure to mention it in your review.

Moving forward, adding a house rule about guests and visitors is something you should definitely consider, as well as a charge for additional guests.

Remember that YOU set the rules, not the guest. That being said, you also have to enforce the rules you set. What is that maximum number of people you want in the house? Put that it your rules, set it as your maximum occupancy, and STICK TO IT!


To be honest, if I would be you, I would be mad beyond :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: control :rage::rage::rage:.
I don’t know what the best solution is though. Start by sending them a message through the system. Tell them they are not respecting the maximum occupancy. Ask them for extra payment. Call AirBnB so they know what is going on.
Judging by their action this is a bunch of totally wrong people. Kicking them out now may be difficult: How do you kick out 8 people against their will? I just hope you will still recognize your house. And all that stress for 1 night of income :weary::sweat:.

Did you check them in personally? If yes, that would have been the moment to just turn them away.


My rules say that if they have someone staying after 9pm who hasn’t booked they need to ask permission for them to stay later which is usually given but midnight is strictly the cutoff point and after that time they will be charged as extra guests at $25pppn. I picked 9pm because I don’t want them first thinking about whether to leave or not at midnight but well before. In my experience once people keep drinking after midnight they are in it for the long haul. I know because I am that person.

But I live upstairs so I know they know. I’ve had to remind a couple of times at 11.30pm that the cutoff was approaching but they left before midnight without complaint.


Infuriating. You cannot allow this. I know it’s hard to confront them now but try to force yourself to do it. They are trying this because they think they can get away with it.

Have you stated no parties on site? If not change your rules now.

Mine also state ONLY your approved and registered party allowed in the apartment or on the property.

I would try to confront them. Do it via the messaging platform. Tell them you know they have extra people and it’s $25 per person so that is a total of blank and you will be sending the request through resolution and you expect immediate payment.


Yes I am mad! I even made them cupcakes! I didn’t gave an extra person fee because ithought the max occupancy was just that! And I don’t want to imply that it’s ok to bring extra people if you pay for it because the house really can’t hold them . And they checked in automatically and I saw the extras through the camera… I could say something tonight but for what purpose? I’m not going to kick them out tonight and they will be gone tomorrow. I figure if I say nothing they can review me abd then I will review them.

My rules do say no parties at least. And I added the no extra people just now.

Let’s hope they don’t party all night.

What are they even thinking. People are so rude.

You know, to make it easier in the future, don’t even allow dinner guests. It’s confusing. For one thing, your Air host guarantee might not be valid if there’s extra people on site. If you want, you can tell the guests that your insurance ONLY covers those on the reservation and no more than four.

Boy you are having quite the learning curve, huh? Just get it all out of the way in the first couple weeks, okay? :rofl:


Ha I know seriously! The universe is throwing it all at me! It sounds quiet when I listen to the security camera ( like a creeper). And they seemed like a variety of ages so I think it’s a family group. They can’t be very comfortable all crammed in there like sardines! We will see how the place is looking tomorrow. I do think you are right and I will just say no extra guests, not even for dinner. They better not hurt it because I love my little house!! That is really my biggest concern. If they wanna sleep on hard tile floors then may they have back pain forevermore!

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If you are going to leave a bad review and they don’t leave it first, be sure to wait until the last minute.

@janeandcharley I can’t quite remember your previous thread …are you charging a one bed rate for your whole house, and now your having troublesome guests?

Yes Barns, it is a whole house rental, I just charge one rate for up to 4 people because the cleaning is about the same as it is a very small house.

Wheeeee! Where to start?

It’s so ungracious to say “we told you so.” But this forum has hundreds of years of collective experience so…word from the wise…not future telling. I don’t recall exactly what was said on that thread but my feeling is you can be flexible with a several day booking if they have good reviews. Now you’ve got back to back bookings don’t you? And if 6 people leave an extra mess but you don’t have extra time to clean it could be problematic.

This was last night so maybe by now you know that 3-5 people went home after their little party. But if they had a sleep over you will have to eviscerate them in the review. Also if there is any damage take pictures and file with the resolution center now, you can’t file a claim after the next guest checks in.

There are mixed views on this. I have a 2 person room and I charge $5 extra for the 2nd person. I think that’s enough to cover the additional utilites. I think you will find 4 people to be significantly more cleaning. Assuming your typical couple as two vs a couple and two friends. You will have double the sheets and towels. Twice as many muddy feet and crumbs. Twice as much chance that a bit of cupcake is going to fall under the refrigerator and invite in ants and roaches. Twice as many people makes it hotter and the AC runs longer. Twice as much hair clogging the drains. In my case a couple is more likely to leave sex stains on the sheets that I have to treat before washing compared to the single traveler.

Most importantly having the additional person charge at least gives you some leverage to get the extra money. As it is I’m sure these guests think just like you did before last night: what difference does it make how many people there are, the charge is the same.

This morning I would be there at quarter to noon sitting my car waiting to go in and clean and I would say something to them. It can be nice or it can be confrontational. Tuesday I had an appt from 11 (my check out time) to noon. When I got home at 12:10 my very very nice guest is still packing his car. I said “is everything okay? Check out is 11.” I was friendly, he was apologetic. He’s also welcome back. But he needs to know and if the does return (he works occasionally in the area) he has to check out at 11 or ask first for the extra hour

Please stop using your time to make cupcakes. White sugar is bad for them and if they leave them sitting out they will attract rodents and insects. Instead use your time to greet guests in person. Only use self check in for late arrivals. Make sure they are following rules. Say charming things that will make them feel bad if they give you 4 stars. .


Ha well.i don’t just make the cupcakes for them. Just I bake for fun/ sometimes I sell them and tend to have extras.

Abd checking them in personally really isn’t do-able with the kids and their naptimes and with people’s varied arrival times.

Everything else though- yes. Definitely at least 5 stayed last night, all 7-8 were around this morning but I think at least 2 left and came back. I will adjust to charge extra so that at least in this scenario I get paid more. I think they just left ( earlier than anticipated) so I will go check out the house and report back. Either way they are getting a thumbs down and some policy changes will be effected.


No that’s not correct. No extra charge per extra guest doesn’t mean that they can bring as many as they want if a host doesn’t specify in his rules “no extra guests”.
There is always a maximum amount of guests that is specified in every listing. If it’s says 4 then it should be no more than four , but also a host has to be sure they paid for all 4.

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You can set a check in window so it’s convenient for you. After formerly allowing an anything goes check in policy I began to realize it impacted me too much. When someone decided to explore the lava flows (three hour plus drive from here not including hiking time) and kept me waiting until 2am before declaring they would not check in until the next day, I changed my policy. They must check in between 4 and 11. If they have a verified flight delay, I’ll make an exception. If they are out messing around I won’t.

There’s a bad glitch in their software that allows you to say no extra charge for extra guests as the default. I set mine to $299 each, the max!

So, under these circumstances, I don’t really think there is a way to have an extra person charge. Since the max number of people is 4, there is no way within the AirBNB platform to say that guest no 5 will cost x number of dollars extra. The few times that I have allowed an extra person, I have not found a way to increase the number of people on the reservation.

Personally, I am not in the “don’t have people come to visit you” in my AirBNB. However, my expectation is that there will be no more people sleeping over. If I had a stand-alone place, I would include “visitor free” hours as part of my house rules. If you added an extra fee in your house rules, you have given permission [passively] that more people than your max will be tolerated.

I would kick them
Out with pleasure. Not only that I would kick them
Out including those who paid and call Airbnb and told them
The story.


I know! But it’s been like this since the beginning of my hosting. But anyway it doesn’t mean they can bring more than stated maximum