Ya baby's ugly review?

I had a family stay for a week. Overall they respected the home but one of their daughters learned to cook while their thus the oven is a mess. The cooktop and one side of the fridge (and floor) has spatters from where someone fried something. The drawer under the oven had grease dripped into the drawer requiring me to wash most of the pots and pans. Inside the oven looks like they cooked steaks without a drip pan to catch the major mess the cooking caused thus the oven and 2 shelves need to be scrubbed clean.

No damage though but one of my house rules states no frying indoors.

Their daughters ate chocolate and French fries in their room (also breaking another house rule). Their comforter and pillow sham has ground in fries and rings where greasy fries sat on the comforter and then were squashed into the linens. A fry was found under the bed and left over Rochier Chocolates.

The parents room was basically clean but they did goldielocks the 3rd bedroom. The great room the furniture was rearranged (another house rule broken) and food debris is on the carpet and leather topped end tables.

The family is possibly relocating to the area so I’d hope to be friendly. I don’t think anything is damaged but my normal cleaning fee is sorely inadequate for the mess left. Do I:

  1. Leave a review that commends the family and thanking them for staying.
  2. #1 plus telling the reservation holder his baby’s ugly (i.e. Everything mentioned above).
  3. Something else??

You’re kidding, right?!! After writing about how they basically trashed your kitchen, damaged your bed linen, and broke rules, you are considering “commending” and “thanking” them? (Was there ever a baby mentioned, ugly or otherwise?)

I have no words.


It’s a saying at least in the south. No one wants to hear their own baby’s ugly.

I guess I’ve had a streak of bad reviews and my fingers are tired of cleaning up after slobs so I’m misguided and trying to figure out how to change my streak…perhaps it’s not changed and I just need to declare the baby ugly.

The streak is me giving bad reviews. So far my reviews received have been great.

I think OP is referring not to an ‘actual’ baby but essentially saying the guests will not want to hear that their kids and possibly the adults behaved poorly.

We are dealing with a similar issue, the last guest’s children did a number on our house. mess wise, and I"m leaving an honest review: XXX and his family left a very large mess when they departed, sticky substances on the floors, walls, counters, windows, etc. I understand they have smaller children, but this mess was a culmination of multiple days of not cleaning up after said children. I understand everyone has different cleanliness standard but until their children are old enough to not throw food into the carpets and spill juice everywhere, I would highly suggest a hotel.


You say “overall they respected the home”. What? They sound like horrible guests!! Please leave an honest review so the rest of us can avoid these people. The baby is hideous IMO!!!


Are these the kind of people you want as new friends? Somehow, I think your answer is at least a “not really”.

Review them fairly. State the facts (broke several house rules by frying food in the house, eating in the bedrooms, leaving food strewn around the house, and moving furniture around). If you want to remain on friendly terms, state “I wish I could recommend these people as they are very friendly, but unfortunately they did not treat my home with the respect I needed from them”

If they contact you and apologize and try to make it right, then you can add them to the possible friends list. If not - who needs 'em!


@PitonView and @azreala I think you’ve both given me the verbiage I need to use in my review. I’m. Or really looking for a friend but I hate writing bad review after bad review. I guess I should consider that I leave accurate reviews that as you so clearly state are earned.

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Did they just leave? If so, contact them directly first and tell them which rules of yours they broke (that they agreed to):

  • frying in the kitchen requiring extra cleaning
  • eating in the bedroom - grease on the bedding now needs extra treatments and dry cleaned
  • furniture moved, requiring having to pay your cleaners extra to move it back

(Cleaning the oven and food debris on the end tables would be considered normal mess, IMO.)
Give them an opportunity to correct this. Figure out how much it’s worth monetarily. If they reimburse you for your extra time and/or money you can state that in the review. If they don’t, let them have it!

Rules are there for a reason and if they disrespect them they deserve a bad wrap.


There are no Bad reviews or Good Reviews – there are only Truthful reviews. If the Truth hurts the guests, that’s their problem, not yours – they won’t see your review until after they’ve written theirs.


That, good sir, is what I needed to wrap my mind around. Thank you.


When I somewhat reluctantly started allowing rugrats into my rooms, I made a point of adding to my house rules a warning to parents and pet owners (Yes I allow dogs), that any damage they cause will be required to be paid for. Dogs have so far not done any damage and I barely find a dog hair. Children on the other hand have destroyed my front door by swinging on it and ripping it our of the frame. Its a stable door so splits in the middle. Thrown away,lost/eaten 3 remotes controls, and eaten several bits of Jenga that I leave for them to play with. I don’t want to talk about the towels as I am having breakfast… This is the last 4 weeks.


Ouch!! That’s certainly a reason for not accepting children. What’s with parents these days? The problem is you have to deal with things like a broken door on top of everything else.

Was there any problem collecting on the damages?

please help the rest of us hosts out and don’t recommend these guests. I’d hate to host a guest who turned out this way and only had positive reviews. The reviews are worthless if we’re not truthful about guests


Welcome to the world of short term rentals! Some people are clean, neat and tidy, and other’s are the opposite…how do you know which guests you are getting? You don’t…you can request guests that are very neat…“please very neat and tidy folks only!” or say "not good for families with young children or babies (ugly or not) or you can just clean up the mess and hope for the best…next time…when you let strangers use your home, you have to consider, “What is the worst thing that can happen,” and considering the law of probabilities with a constant stream of guests…something bad will indeed happen, hopefully not often and not irrepairable…but worse has been done (compared to your complaint). Regarding damaged linens (if indeed they are) take the cost of cleaning or replacement out of the deposit–based on the fact they broke the “no eating in room” rule. Best to ya! Chalk it up to experience in hospitality (the hospitality business I mean).

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Document with photos and charge extra via the resolution center.