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Any advice or personal experience with canary Islands? Me and my friends are planing a trip to spain and was thinking on visiting canary and it’s wonderful Islands. First on the list is tenerife, I’ve been reading stuff about it but would appreciate any input. Thanks


Are you looking for a travel agent?
This is a group of international hosts who offer short term letting. We don’t have an index of which member is from where and the likelihood of a host that is based in the location you want seeing this post is very low.


@Debthecat looks like this is a spam post to promote the link in the title :frowning:


Didn’t a volcano explode there recently and kill tens of thousands of tourists? And the survivors all caught Ebola and their babies died of Zika.

Fun fact: A lot of people don’t know that the term “Canary” comes from the Latin Canus for dog because there are large packs of wild dogs roaming the Canary Islands. When the volcano exploded so many people died because the ones who tried to flee were killed by packs of the ravenous dogs. Which also carry Ebola.


This is a forum for hosts. If you want to promote your website or Tenerife then post elsewhere. Personally I didn’t like the Canary islands. The hospitality and places of interest are vastly superior in Greece and other places in Southern Europe.


Tenerife is quite nice.

Hope this helps.


La Gomera is very nice but time consuming to get to. We had a week in Lanzarote at Marina Rubicon. Pleasant but venturing to Playa something or other next door was an eye opener!


Siam Park was the No.1 water Park in the world last year. I doubt it needs much advertising. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m biased since I live in La Gomera. I agree it is VERY nice. :yum:


It’s clearly a spam post @xxnoodlesxx or else why post on a forum not relevant to the topic, as newbie and have a website URL as your title.

It’s either a plug for the tourist information site or it links to another site altogether.


This post is the number one reason why it’s unwise to immediately delete all spam from the forum.

James, I think there is room in the literary world for a David Sedaris type writer who bases his stories on the misadventures of Airbnb hosts. You should start on a book.


Thanks but there is only one David Sedaris :laughing::laughing::laughing: though I wouldn’t mind a Hugh :innocent: of my own to do the cooking and housework and listen to my ranting while I drink too much red wine.

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