Wrong price showing up on listing page

Help! My listings are showing a price much higher than I have always had them set to. No one is booking…I a man losing business! I double checked my own settings and made sure I didn’t make any mistake? What next?

Phone Airbnb and ask them why this is happening?

Thank you, Helsi :cherry_blossom: I was afraid the phones were only for emergencies. Still learning…xo

Are you putting in actual dates? If not it spits out whatever you entered as your standard rate even if varies from your actual rates.

Hi Brandt, It shows the same wrong price even with actual dates selected. Although on the check availability option the correct price is there. When it is selected, it changes to the wrong higher price. Incidentally, if just so happens that the wrong price is the combination of my nightly rate and cleaning fee combined. ODD.
This weekend is a big holiday in Greece. I think out of 300 some odd Airbnb choices, there are only 23 still available. I am one of them. No wonder, with a price like that no one will book me. :rage:

@Donna_Tsoronis what feedback did Airbnb give you about why this was happening? Do let us know as it will help other hosts who find themselves in a similar situation.

Airbnb customer service is a ridiculous comedy of errors. First Lady after almost two hours finally came up with the explanation that my published nightly rate ( wrong amount) Doesn’t matter because when the customer made a reservation the price would be adjusted to the lower amount. How stupid. My listings wouldn’t even appear the correct price point on a search. Then she later told me that the amount nightly was simply my nightly rate plus my cleaning fee plus an extra euro. All added together and totaled then shown as my nightly rate. (How absurd! ) That Airbnb was designed that way and there was nothing she could do to fix it! I told her I dont charge a cleaning fee every single day, only once upon checkout. She VANISHED from our chat…
Meanwhile another call in to customer service was placed where a competant person answered my call and fixed the problem on their end while I waited. Took less than ten minutes.
No explanation as to why this happened in the first place. From the host side of my listings, all is well. Only upon checking my listing as a traveler from the outside looking in did I see the price jump. No wonder no one is booking. The town is having a holiday and all my friends are booked but me. This is how I earn my living. Grrrrrr!


Glad to hear it’s been fixed.

I’m confused, my price displayed with dates is always the combination of my nightly price plus my cleaning fee.

But pro-rated over the length of the date range, yes? I think the OP’s price was including the rate for the night, plus the entire cleaning fee night after night after night. At least that is how i understood his/her issue.

Yes…that was exactly the problem. They had my rate combined with my cleaning fee listed as the nightly rate. No one charges a cleaning fee every day of the reservation. Only once upon checkout.

@smtucker @Donna_Tsoronis Oh I see, yes that would be a problem!!!

I have just noticed a similar issue with my listing. Waiting to hear back from air. In a search my listing shows as $28 more than the actual booking price. Same happens when I add more guests ( have extra guest free after 2).

This is happening to me too! Bookings have come to a complete halt because on a search my listing comes up as $20 higher than my nightly fee! Unlike the OP they are not adding my cleaning fee on to each night as my cleaning fee is only $15 and they are adding that at the end, as usual. Calling them now! Grrrr. I wonder how long this has been happening, I wish I would have checked sooner. I will now be more diligent about checking this every day!