Writing honest host reviews

My new years resolution is to write honest host reviews. As a host I’ve always been kind and considerate in my reviews of guests and mostly chosen not to write a review if guests were ill mannered. But i dont think its fair that we hosts who put in so much effort to make a nice stay for our guests should be walking on eggshells in case we upset someone that we’ve needed to remind of the house rules in case we receive a nasty review…like the guy who got up and played the piano at my house at 8am and sang at the top of his voice when people were still sleeping on a saturday morning…i even tried to use a bit of humour when i asked him to wait until 10am to use the piano…my consequences…a scathing review from his girlfriend about how old and dirty my house is!! There are times I’ve thought of giving up airbnb because of this unfair review system…but that would be a shame because 95% of guests are fantastic to host and I’ve made some great friends. So to all the inconsiderate, disrespectful guests out there that should be booking backpackers and are not equiped with enough manners to stay in someones home…I’m putting you on notice…behave or I’m going to review you honestly!


Well, if a review is retaliatory it could be removed. Do call Air and see if they will remove it?

As for honesty, do it. None of us hosts want your ill mannered guests!

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Hear hear! I would urge all hosts to review their guest honestly. It’s the best protection hosts have.


I’m doing to start doing the same. It seems guests get away with a lot. Since us hosts don’t want to stir up any controversies. Best scenario is guest happy, host happy. But some guests take it to another level to do what they want. They want a cheap rate and then crib later. Having you cake and eating it too situation.