Writing a review about guest that has broken items

I rent a bedroom in my apartment and the guest broken several items, she broken even a mosaic lamp hanged on the ceiling, she opened our glass cabinet to use our crystal wine glasses and porcelain dishes set and she broke some of them. She even went to the attic to open the DIY tool box and take an utility knife. I don’t think there is doors or drawers in my house that has not been opened by her. She apologize for breaking same items but she didn’t mention about other items but I found the broken parts in the bin. What I can write in the review? I want to mention this to warn next hosts. She is a nice girl and she didn’t do this in bad faith, she is just very clumsy and probably nobody teach her how to behave in other people house. English is not my first language so it would be difficult to find the right words, but I really want to prevent her doing this to other hosts and advise other hosts to lock away fragile items and to be aware that she might open any door or drawers. I think she didn’t understand that, in my case, she rent just a bedroom and the kitchen with basic items, she didn’t rent all my belongings. She is 22 but she is really like a child. I am going to talk to her and she will refund me, overall I want to give a positive review but I want to mention this issue and I hope she will learn in the future to behave appropriately. Thanks for your help

I wouldn’t give a positive review in these circumstances.

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Simply say that you enjoyed interacting with the guest who was a friendly and pleasant person. At the beginning of your review, mention the positives. Then mention that unfortunately several small items were accidentally broken.

In your private comments to the guest, tell her that you enjoyed hosting her but that in order to receive great reviews from future hosts, it would be a good idea if she was a little more careful with hosts’ property. Then thank her for staying with you. This way you start and finish on a positive note.

It’s highly unlikely that she will stay with you again so don’t be scared to mention the negatives.

And thank you for realising that your review will help other hosts. :slight_smile:


If you have a deposit you can make a claim on this, or you have 48 hours to make a claim through the resolution centre. (Make sure you keep photos of the evidence).

I would suggest you lock your cabinet and make it clear in your house rules that guests are not to go into rooms other than the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Do be honest in your review as others have said mention the positives but add that your guest broke a number of items (and didn’t tell you about all of them) and went into your attic which was off limits.

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