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Wrinkle free or no iron style sheets, also pillowcase question

Ok, i am so over the cotton sheets that look like a topography map of a windswept arctic tundra! I wonder if anyone has had expereinces with “no iron” sheets and pillowcases?

Also, does anyone have a source for larger pillowcases for standard size pillows? I notice that 20" wide cases fit snugly on pillows, but arebhard to put on, and wonder if anyone either knows of larger cases such as 24 by 39, or smaller pillows lol? Anything to speed up turnover.

I’ve found that most “no iron” sheets are either microfiber, which feel so weird to me and get very pilly, or have percale, which can be very stiff.

I used to do all my own linens and towels, but now that I’ve grown my listings, it’s not worth it. The cost of the water, soap, electricity and most importantly, my time - wasn’t worth doing it at home anymore and now I have a pickup/drop off service that I arranged with a local laundrymat. It took a few tries to get them to do things my way and folded how I want, but now I’m very happy with the switch. I very rarely get back sheets which aren’t very smooth, and if I do have wrinkly sheets, I send them back to re-do. This isn’t a solution for everyone but maybe it could work?

The other thing that might help is that you’re either overcrowding the dryer, or drying the sheets too much. Try putting in half the washload at a time in the dryer, and shortening the dryer cycle a bit. 100% cotton sheets have to be folded right out of the dryer as they’ll get set-in wrinkles pretty quickly, especially if they are all jammed together because of over crowding.

Hi Rolf -

I have found that washing and drying them using the gentle cycle - then smoothing them out immediately - helps a lot. I then put the sheets on the bed and iron the top 1/8th or so. Still gives a nice luxurious look without wasting a lot of energy.

I’m a nut about cotton, though - I can not sleep in synthetic fibers. I don’t know how common that is - if you could get away with a blend.

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Same here ! I only buy pure cotton or pure linen.

Linen sheets are an option as they have a casual look that looks deliberate, no need to iron them. They are on the expensive side though (but not more than non-iron pure cotton percale).

Terrible, I guess, but I got 100% polyester sheets at Wal-Mart and they look awesome coming out of the dryer, no wrinkles. Nobody has complained to date.

Do you have a favorite source for the linen sheets? I wouldn’t have a clue.

I buy mine from H&M home, they are prewashed and feel very soft, they’re great for summer nights as they feel cooler than cotton.

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I use to iron all my sheets and THAT was too time much with back to backs, I still do when I have a day in between but now I iron the pillow cases, take out the fitted sheet with only 20 mins drying time and top sheet the same and about a 1/3 of the top sheet since the blanket will cover the rest.

Also I have been more in favor with percale and 300-400 thread count now since it feels the same and gives the crispness. always white though because I spot stains right away.

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I’ve got to try those - for myself!! :grin:

When I figured out that people want clean and comfy mostly, I stopped ironing Eqyptian cotton sheets and compliments on my sheets have not been my life’s ambition. However, I have gotten compliments on the bed being comfortable. So I guess guests have been able to look past the polyester sheets that lay on top and I must be doing something right.
I’ll keep an eye out for that little old lady, however! :wink:

I use no iron sheets 100% cotton. But my secret is Downey Wrinkle release. I put them on the bed when almost dry and spray and straighten. They smell good and look lovely. Big bottle 39 oz is $6 at Walmart and lasts quite a few changeovers.

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I searched on amazon for no iron cotton sheets but so far am just seeing blends or microfiber.

But I did find this - anyone ever try one?

enter link description here

I now use 50cotton 59 poly; much fewer wrinkles.

We got some very nice high-thread count no-iron sheets from Walmart. But they wrinkled just as badly as regular sheets. I have no idea why they call them wrinkle-free because they’re most definitely not! Anyway, we started ironing them - and even though it’s a huge chore - they look so awesome that we can’t stop doing it.

I’ve recently had a recommendation to pick up these:

Non iron, and quite warm and comfortable apparently. Maybe give it a try?

Personally, I never care if the sheets are slightly wrinkled- I don’t iron my own, why would I expect you to?

Hum call me picky but jersey sheets must feel weird.

I had cheap jersey sheets in the past and they feel lovely, but they shrunk so terribly that I could no longer get them onto the bed! And I only washed them at 60. Now I have cotton-lycell blend as the bottom sheet (it feels rather crisp even though I don’t iron them) and the duvet covers are poly-cotton blend, which dry faster, are softer, and feel less heavy than cotton somehow. My trick for the ironing of the covers is to buy a really busy pattern, it makes it completely impossible to see that I don’t iron them :smiley:

I’d class my place as fairly upmarket but not the ritz, and I’ve never had anyone remark on the creases in the sheets. Supposedly, if we believe snobby designers, guests don’t care about an ironed sheet provided they have no doubts it’s clean - which is harder to establish but probably more about the first impression of cleanliness when they enter a room.

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