Would you say something about lack of smoke detector?

In the private feedback? I wouldn’t mention it in the public review. It is listed in the amenities, but the smoke detector has been removed. You can see the wiring for it on the ceiling. I’m currently staying there. It’s a brownstone type apartment building in Brooklyn. It doesn’t really bother me and my stay is almost over. Someone is bound to ding the host on it , though.

I would not only mention it to the host, I would let Airbnb know. If the hosts care so little about their guests’ safety that they would not only disable a smoke detector, but would leave exposed wiring they shouldn’t be hosting. The reasons that less people are dying in house fires are: smoke detectors, less wood shingle roofing, flame retardant mattresses along with less people smoking. Also, it should be a smoke/carbon monoxide detector. We have smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom and every room adjoining a bedroom as required by law.


I agree. They are violating code.

It’s a silly item to violate since Air will supposedly send you smoke and CO detectors if you don’t have them!

I actually saw it in the closet. I’d attach it myself but there’s no ladder and the ceilings are high

She’s a superhost, and the place is lovely otherwise. I feel like it was a one off “oops” than negligence

maybe it was malfunctioning and was removed or remove to paint. If everything else is good maybe it’s worth asking her about it before mentioning it in a review.

Does Air see the private feedback?

The one they sent me did not work, LOL

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Would it be okay to overlook a missing front door if it was malfunctioning or removed to paint or to just mention it to the owner, but not report it to Airbnb or bring it up in the review or private comments? I believe that smoke detectors are as important if not more important to safety than front doors. Also, as they are required in all bedrooms and all rooms adjoining bedrooms, there should be more than one.

Here in the UK it’s law to have one on each floor if you’re renting rooms/places.


It looks like I wasn’t clear. I didn’t say to overlook anything. [quote=“KKC, post:6, topic:5889”]
maybe it’s worth asking her about it before mentioning it in a review

What I mean by this is to get her explanation before I write the review as this might affect what I say or how I say it but I would still be saying it. I agreed with your first post on the subject and nothing I said in my second post was meant to make my first response conditional.

It’s the law in NYC to have smoke detectors in your home or apartment. You can’t even close on a home purchase without working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. You must tell this host immediately, even while you are still there. It’s for your safety and the hosts piece of mind. This is a lawsuit in the making. Go, text them now! Review is too late.


A second all of that - people die in fires all the time because detectors are missing or malfunctioning. I wouldn’t let it go - let her know immediately. If there’s an issue with the hard-wired detector the host could, at least, have a battery operated one in the room.

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Yesterday I was getting ready for a guest and my smoke detector went off (no smoke or fires going) and I realized that it was from spraying some room deodorizer around. Bizarre.

Are you nuts? It doesn’t bother you and someone else might ding the host?! Smoke alarms are cheap, easy to install and save lives, one of which might be yours. Tell the host, tell Airbnb, spend $10 bucks and leave one as a parting gift.

Yes I would and you should not be seeking permission for this. Trust yourself and your instincts.

It works by particles I think, same thing happens if I blow vape towards it, and that’s just water vapour, no smoke.