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Would you be ok with a guest using one of these?

Hello there. I’m from Canada and will be travelling to Italy this year. I’ve never used AirBNB before, but as a potential guest in the near future, I’m thinking about buying a “travel door lock” for when I’m inside/sleeping. It’s a temporary, portable lock ONLY for when you’re inside just to feel extra safe. People often buy them for staying in hotels. Of course it doesn’t involve any screws or nails or damage to the door or frame. I just want to use it to feel extra safe and comfortable for when I’m inside, especially while I’m sleeping.

AirBNB hosts: Would this be ok? Should I ask the host beforehand?

The forum won’t let me attach any pictures because I’m a new user, but just use Google Images and search “travel door lock” and there is many different types.

I would personally not use this device. Although it may give you a feel of extra protection, you may be risking your own life in the event of a fire or some type of emergency. Instead of relying on an extra lock. Ask detailed questions to your host regarding safety, locks, doors, neighbourhood etc. Common sense will keep you safer than any lock. Be informed not fearful.


I agree with woodwin. If you don’t feel safe enough with a traditional bedroom door lock, then you perhaps should find a property you have more confidence in in terms of neighborhood, hosts, etc.


Why would you use such a thing?

AirBnB is based un trust, if you do not trust your host, you are using AirBnB for the wrong reasons.


Hi @dip,

Well, any sensibly designed room would enable the guest to lock the room from the inside, at least imo. Having said that, I would first check with the host of the room that you are planning to use it in. I’d first (a) ask whether the room is lockable from the inside and if he says no , ask (b) whether he’s ok with you using one of those gadgets. Personally my only concern would be what would happen if the guest couldn’t figure out how to disable it. And my room does have a bolt on the inside, so hopefully a guest wouldn’t need to use such a thing.

If you asked me I would decline you. My guest br has a lock already. I would feel you’re not the trusting type.

Since my doors have ancient locks that are not lockable from the interior, I brought this question up a while back in a thread, asking if a chain on the door would be ok. Also, airbnb has 'lock on door as a checkbox amenity.

Does an interior lock at ALL signal mistrust in the host? I am still agonizing over putting a bolt or chain on my doors, please comment!

Adding an interior locking device is obviously a good idea. Why are you agonizing over it? If it makes your guests feel safer, clearly that is a good thing. What exact mechanism you use is a different issue.

Just to be clear, you are asking from the perspective of a host thinking of providing this for his guests, right? If not, ignore the preceding.

I feel the same. I am trusting you with my house and living in it together with you. A locker would defeit the purpose of the community. The bedroom already has a locker with key.


I’m fine with you using it. Once you rent my room you can do whatever you want inside it and I can’t stop you. Honestly if I were you I wouldn’t ask as you can see many hosts would take offense and/or turn you down. As long as you aren’t harming the property or doing something illegal I don’t see that it should matter to them. That said, if you feel you need that sort of device why would you stay in a place where you needed that sort of device.


I don’t have locks on my ABB bedrooms. But I am a good host. I would never enter the room without permission while they are staying. Most hosts are the same. I’d understand if the host doesn’t live at the property, but usually there would be a lock on the door anyway.

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I rent out my upstairs bedroom and bath, don’t enter that space while guests are staying, and I would decline a guest asking to put such a mechanism on the door.

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