Would you be annoyed?

We have just finished cleaning our property we rent out via Airbnb, and found a few things that we aren’t exactly happy with.

Our guests have broken 5 wine glasses during their stay, we noticed this and sent a message and confirmed that they had broken these. One of these glasses is an expensive pewter based glass. We have a wine cellar (although all wine is locked away from guests), but we still offer use of the fine dining glasses etc.

There was chewing tobacco left all over the property, inside and out, and even in the large spa we have. We also found a cigarette inside despite no smoking rules (luckily didn’t smell like smoke)

There is a 10cm splinter of wood that we found, most likely broken off from one of the beds which we found.

At the end of the day its not the worst damage, however the fact we weren’t informed of any above by the guests upon departure we are a tad annoyed.

Would you be annoyed too?

Yes, I would be mightily annoyed. One broken wineglass is an accident; five broken wineglasses is extreme carelessness. However, if I were you I wouldn’t leave high end wine glasses.

Chewing tobacco in my view is disgusting. Anyone who uses it should know that nobody else wants to clean a wad of tobacco that’s been in someone’s mouth. They should have cleaned up after themselves.


Agree with Ellen totally. Very very bad guests. Please leave a review that tells it like it is. Would you recommend I host this guest? If not, please say so in a review.

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Yes I’d be fuming. As Ellen said, 5 glasses is rediculous and chewing tobacco is disgusting. And probably a health risk. Take heaps of pictures and send them a bill for the glasses, the bed and professional cleaning services

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Thanks for the feedback!

We are fairly new to hosting so not sure how much of an ‘acceptance’ we need to have that our property will be damaged.

To be honest the cost of replacing the glasses isn’t large, but that fact we weren’t informed is what annoyed me.

We have a fairly ‘high end’ accomodation and want guests to get that feeling whilst they stay with us, although we expect them to care a bit more for our property.

My partner and I are the ‘professional cleaning service’, definitely deserve a nice glass of wine tonight after cleaning :wink:

Sheesh! How long did they stay? FIVE wine glasses?

I’d be pissed.

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Only two nights! They were 16 guests in total.

Although it was over New Years Eve…

The building we rent out is very large (6,000 sq ft), and has space for 20 so are used to a large number of guests, although haven’t had any issues up to now

Did they offer to reimburse you for the wine glasses? Also, do not leave anything for guests which will upset you being broken. Accidents happen.

I will ask what the wood belongs to so you can get it fix. Review them accordingly.

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Even though you are the cleaners, I would still get a quote and charge them in this case. This is extra mess you shouldn’t have to deal with

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I have 2 whole house rentals and my glasses come from garage sales, thrift shops and most cost much less than $1 each. Having grown up in the hotel industry, once glassware is in use it is immeadiately written off. My dinner sets also are purchased by the piece with lots of back ups. Sadly guests often appear to feel that as they have paid a high dollar to stay they have already paid for the stuff they use.

Forget contacting the guests, as @BigBearRentals has just experienced, you must report this immediately to ABB to lodge a claim. BEFORE your next guests check-in. Make them pay & I never let my guests use my expensive champagne glasses, I have cheap sets for them, 1 I would let go but 5, clearly they had no respect for your place, we don’t want them renting ours & you need to claim for all damages to teach them a valuable lesson. And fast

Yes I have learned you MUST submit a claim before the next guest checks in- or you are out of luck.

At the place I manage, the 8 night renter told me he broke a coffee mug and a wine glass. I was very glad that he even mentioned it at all! I told him, no problem. Off to the thrift store I go for replacements!


I would be annoyed.

We have a robust/inexpensive dining set and glasses, so it’s more the inconvenience rather than cost. When I go to clean the flat, I’m not expecting to make another run down to the shops to replace dining sets/glasses, and I like matching sets.

I ran out bought 12 new wine glasses at Kmart for $20. Three have been broken in the past 2 weeks. I’m gonna start buying even cheaper ones. Wine glasses will get broken- not much you can do about it other than keep a lot of extras around.

These are terrible guests, make sure you mention a bit about what happened in the review. I have in my house manual “guests must report damage immediately”, though I’m not sure they will do so.
Also, report as soon as you can to Airbnb, before the next guests check in. I had my first guest left last week and there were kids’ drawings on the wall, but I had another guest check in on the same day, I didn’t have time to report so I have to fix the problem myself. If you don’t have back to back booking, take pictures and report to get compensation.

If you are in Australia, Ikea sell cheap ones at a dollar each.

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To me, it’s not how much things cost to replace, but the inconvenience of replacing said things. If you’re doing a same-day turnover, replacing things on the fly is a PITA. I have extra sheets, towels, etc. in case I need to do a serious bleach job, but dishes and what-not are a problem.

I had someone break the toilet seat, and, while the toilet seat only cost $10, getting to the store and back and installing it ends up being a three hour job. If they had told me when it happened–instead of hoping I wouldn’t notice/letting me find it–I could have just purchased one on my way home from work one night and installed it then. Some things I have doubles and triples of…toilet seats are not one of those things.


@jeswil, I’m sorry this happened. I just don’t get the part about not telling you, as if you wouldn’t notice 5 broken glasses! We had guests in September who broke 3 during their near 3-week stay and I thought that was excessive. I think there was some inebriation involved!

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