Would you accept this guest?

"Hello Christina . Hope your doing good. This is Sagar. I’m looking for 3 nights from Feb 26 to Feb 29. I’m totally new to Airbnb I really don’t know how it works. Your help is appreciated. Also are any other guests scheduled to stay on same dates or do you have family members in the house? Will I be Sharing bath with you (host) or other guests. Do you have any other family members. Because if it’s shared bathroom I might be naked while taking shower or other guests. Not a big deal. I’m very open minded though. "

I reply saying I do have other guests and bath usage is private and no one will see his pecker.
I ask what his purpose of visiting Miami is?

He replies:

"I’m also looking to meet new friends. I don’t know anybody in Florida

Thanks for your response Christiana.
My purpose is just visiting Florida for first time. Got couple of days off finally from my busy work. I’m an engineer. Are you comfortable to allow check in late ?

He is an Indian engineer from Kansas. Verified, and viewed his LinkedIn profile but cannot find a FB.

My inner fire alarm is telling me no.


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Red flags:

  1. Engineer but can’t spell worth a poop?
  2. Few days off only, flying from Kansas? Thats a whle day travel there, BUT not one that arrives in at 1am?
    3 Naked comment??? WTF?
  3. Multiple questions about who will be here?

He wasn’t verified when he inquired. He is now. I’m still gonna reject him.

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Because it’s making me laugh, I think that is a red flag enough for me. :slight_smile: I would tell him no. But then again, I usually don’t get such oddballs because I am in Hawaii and just that fact alone takes some planning.

Always, always go with your gut


I just got constructively declined. I have a verified phone number & email (but no passport or DL), and one good review from another host. I also have 25 top-notch reviews from guests here. I sent a polite, detailed mail explaining that my wife & BIL were heading up to see my mother in her old folks home; I couldn’t make it, but was doing the bookings because the other two didn’t have their own accounts. My wife features in our host description, and she is in the photo that shows the both of us.

Would you turn me down? It was a bit of a last-minute rush, but this host took over 24 hours to reply, asking if I was still interested, but the long delay effectively ruled him out. He actually has about 100 good reviews as a host, so I was quite confused and on the verge of writing him a nasty email about his business practices. Note that this is similar to my very first attempt to use AirBnB - but the host, in spite of great reviews, was such a weirdo about the booking that I gave up. We’ve had remarks from guests about running into similarly confusing behaviour from other hosts. Maybe some hosts are getting too big for their britches? The one place we did stay was fine and we gave each other top-notch reviews.

This bit was enough to sound an alarm. Translation: “Will I be completely alone with you in the house?” He didn’t even need to get to the bit about buff walking.

It sounds like the kind of inquiry you would expect from a Couchsurfing request.

Sigh… One reason why I like hotels! No rigamarole!


@Mo_In_TO - isn’t it against Air’s TOS to book on behalf of other people if you won’t be going on the trip yourself? If so, could that be the problem?

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I’m expecting a guest today who did the booking for someone else and it has me wondering why! Did he get a bad review? Is he too young for a credit card? I’ll find out at 4PM!

I don’t know. Maybe. But actually my wife and I share one account. I just figured it was better to be honest to prevent confusion upon arrival (I could have pretended to be her). If that worried the guy, he could have just said so instead of leaving me hanging for like 28 hours. I usually respond within an hour regardless of whether I’m saying yes or no.

We had a couple from Mexico stay for two weeks over Christmas. Their locally based daughter did the booking, and didn’t stay here, although she visited many times. It didn’t even occur to me that there might be an issue over them not booking themselves - their English was non-existent, so it made sense for the daughter to book. Also, she knew the neighbourhood.

@Mo_In_TO - if I’m right (and correct me if I’m wrong) the person who books is responsible for the people who are staying at the property. So if, for example, someone booked for her teenage son and his friends and they trashed the place, the person making the booking (the mother) would be responsible for damages?

Then Air could have all sorts of problems as could the host. I think I’m right in saying that if guests arrive and they do not include the person who booked, then the host can deny them entry? Is that correct?

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