Would Not Host again

Could someone please clarify the latest on how the “Would Not Host Again” info is used, part from for IB with the original Host?
I don’t use Instant Book. Never have, never will…for my own reasons.
Is there any other way that I can see if a potential guest was tagged by another host as “would not host again”?

No you can’t see if other hosts have done this @Newbiehost

It just means if you have ticked this box on your review to say you wouldn’t host again - you won’t show up when a guest tries to book with you again.

Nothing to do with Instant Book.

So “Would not host again” doesn’t correspond at all to the IB requirement you can check of “Recommended by other hosts”?
If not, then what is the difference between “Recommended by other hosts” and “Positive reviews”?


I use Instant Book and my understanding was that nobody who has gotten a “would not host again” review from other hosts can instant book with me; they have to send a request. (And I would definitely say no!) I don’t know how long this lasts, though: indefinitely, or just a specific period of time? I’ve spent a lot of time looking for that information and Airbnb really doesn’t make it clear.

Not sure how ticking “would not host again” would affect their future interactions with someone they’ve stayed with in the past; I assumed they could still send a request but it would be interesting if they couldn’t even have that much interaction with the past host.

Sorry I don’t think you are correct @lisanddavid

Guests can’t IB with you ONLY if you have ticked the box on IB to say you will only host guests with previous positive reviews from other hosts.

The would not host again block only applies to the host who has indicated they won’t host a guest.

Additional guest requirements

All guests meet Airbnb’s booking requirements, but you’re welcome to add more at any time in our Instant Book settings:

  • Government-issued ID: Limit bookings to guests who’ve submitted their government-issued IDs to Airbnb
  • **Recommendations from other Hosts: limit bookings to guests who’ve travelled on Airbnb and received only positive reviews
  • Pre-booking message: Create a preset message with questions for guests to respond to when booking