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Would love to hear everyone's "RED FLAGS"


This is one reason why I prefer not to call my room with private entrance an entire place although many here have argued I could.

I’m looking forward to Airbnb adding filters to more adequately describe the variety of listings.

I had a guy who, after he checked in asked how soundproof the walls were. That’s never a good sign.


I got a soundproof gal too and didn’t want her booking, I told her you could hear my sons stomping around, playing their games with their headphones on, so talking loudly and my dog shuffling her plate around the kitchen floor and then banging on it so I will give her a biscuit. :rofl: But other than that it’s totally soundproofed! :rofl:

Just kidding, just said it’s quiet but I can’t make guarantees about her level of sound discomfort. Never heard back.


I’m catching up on old threads, but the guests who say, “we’re Christians!” remind me of this gem:

Not strictly AirBnB-related, but we have probably seen this attitude from “choosy beggars” among our guests.

Nothing against Christians whatsoever! Anyone could have this attitude.


Awww…that widdle hunny-lunny shuffling her plate around on the kitchen floor and then banging on it for a biscuit… tooo-cute!

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I admit, she is adorable. It does work because she does get a biscuit. :rofl:She is blind and diabetic however, so she only gets a biscuit when she has her insulin injection.

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‘Laid back’ guests (like Magwitch)

We don’t get many Christians in San Francisco. But that affirmation would alarm me too.

People with alarming public social media pics (I’ve had a few of these)


I don’t know how long you’ve lived in a Florida, but those aren’t flying coach roaches. They’re Palmetto bugs and are significantly larger and fly!

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Ok…I call them that


I have instant book, but when guests try to book for say a month they tend to make an enquiry.

My red flags are the passive request for a discount usually followed by a heap of passive demands…


I am looking to make multiple bookings I need XXX what is the price per night?


Agree! Just had a terrible experience with a group of French Men and they left us our first-NOT 5 star review. :frowning:

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  1. Lack of knowledge on how to use the app-- specifically with the guest count. “we are a group of friends celebrating post mid terms…” in the written sentence yet the manual guest count shows 1
  2. little to no communication/ one word answers. EX: Please tell me how many are in your group and what will you be doing in the area? Answer: thank you
  3. younger people. We notice a lot more issues from people who are 20-30 y/o unfortunately 4) people that ask details about the exterior cameras mentioned in the listing.
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we are college students, never been to your city and since we don’t have much money we’d like to rough it up and try to fit as many people as possible in your house and sleep on the floor.

can we spend the whole weekend in the nude in your house?

can I book your house to host my b-day celebration? (the guy was from the same city; I don’t like local people renting from me unless they explain why and parties are not allowed)


That is very interesting that some of you, hosts, are so critical of other hosts as guests! Actually, I am appalled. I would think it should be the opposite, I mean we do know how much work goes in this business, we all know how the rating system works, why would I be a bitch and give you a bad review and be ultra needy? I mean I hosted other hosts and they gave me 5 stars. I was a guests in so many homes and I always gave 5 stars, even if there were minor problems that other people for example, complained about at my house (ex the smart lock code didn’t work). But hey, why not be civil and help out your fellow hosts?

Also if people book my place because they relocate for work I am glad to help. I actually enjoy talking to them about the city/neighborhoods and so on. If I were in their shoes I’d really like someone to give me the info. It’s true that most of the people who relocate here are software engineers and so am I and that’s why I actually enjoy talking to them. I treat them as my coworkers. But in general I don’t like people who ask a gazillion of silly questions, stuff that it is already written in the listing or they clearly hit on me (can I cook for you? could you have coffee with me?)

I don’t rent more than a week in general, but I made exceptions sometimes.

Also I reject flat out cheap people, the one who begin their inquiry with “is the price negotiable?”


Of course I compare each place with my own. Most of the times I learned good things from my fellow hosts that I implemented at my home, for which I thanked them very much.


Similar to gaydar, there must be praydar…sorry

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Wouldn’t that be Praydar? Freudian slip? LOL.

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Ha! Had to fix it so your comment will become a little confusing to others

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I am French but always get a bad rating with Swiss with the glowing review but bad stars


My Red Flags are some Locals without any prior reviews
People that ask multiple crazy questions
People with severe allergies that feel the whole word needs to know about it.
(I’m not discriminating but they tend to be very high maintenance people )
Sneaky people that book first and ask if more guests can stay past the maximum permitted.
People that ask for discounts on an already inexpensive property.


Potential guests that ask “Is it OK if we ______________?” (Fill in the blank with anything that is expressly prohibited by your house rules.) It seems like they then inevitably go on to ask for more and more concessions.
I used to accommodate; now I just say no. Then if they break the rules, I have leverage, either to get them out, which I’ve never fortunately had to do, or rate them accordingly.

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