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Would love to hear everyone's "RED FLAGS"


This is one reason why I prefer not to call my room with private entrance an entire place although many here have argued I could.

I’m looking forward to Airbnb adding filters to more adequately describe the variety of listings.

I had a guy who, after he checked in asked how soundproof the walls were. That’s never a good sign.


I got a soundproof gal too and didn’t want her booking, I told her you could hear my sons stomping around, playing their games with their headphones on, so talking loudly and my dog shuffling her plate around the kitchen floor and then banging on it so I will give her a biscuit. :rofl: But other than that it’s totally soundproofed! :rofl:

Just kidding, just said it’s quiet but I can’t make guarantees about her level of sound discomfort. Never heard back.


I’m catching up on old threads, but the guests who say, “we’re Christians!” remind me of this gem:

Not strictly AirBnB-related, but we have probably seen this attitude from “choosy beggars” among our guests.

Nothing against Christians whatsoever! Anyone could have this attitude.


Awww…that widdle hunny-lunny shuffling her plate around on the kitchen floor and then banging on it for a biscuit… tooo-cute!


I admit, she is adorable. It does work because she does get a biscuit. :rofl:She is blind and diabetic however, so she only gets a biscuit when she has her insulin injection.


‘Laid back’ guests (like Magwitch)

We don’t get many Christians in San Francisco. But that affirmation would alarm me too.

People with alarming public social media pics (I’ve had a few of these)


I don’t know how long you’ve lived in a Florida, but those aren’t flying coach roaches. They’re Palmetto bugs and are significantly larger and fly!


Ok…I call them that


I have instant book, but when guests try to book for say a month they tend to make an enquiry.

My red flags are the passive request for a discount usually followed by a heap of passive demands…


I am looking to make multiple bookings I need XXX what is the price per night?

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