Would like to speak to Airbnb hosts


My name is Ed and I’d like to speak to Airbnb hosts; I’m currently researching ways in which hosts, and potentially guests, could get a more fulfilling experience out of the service that Airbnb provides, and would like to know more about people’s experience of hosting.

If you could spare ten to fifteen minutes of your time it would be very much appreciated. Please get in touch via the forum; Ideally I would like to speak via Skype or FaceTime, but I’m equally happy to communicate via this forum or however you would feel most comfortable.



What is the purpose of your research Ed?

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Hi Geddy3 thanks for getting back.

I’m taking a course in Product Management. Here’s a link…

The coursework includes developing a theoretical new feature for a website (I’ve chosen Airbnb) and taking it it through the various stages of development; part of this is customer research. I’m trying to speak to as many people as possible who have experience of hosting on Airbnb, to ask them a few quick questions, the purpose being to confirm whether the problem I’ve identified would be worth solving.

I’d be very grateful if you be able to spare a few minutes of your time.


Hey Geddy3.

Just wondering if you’re still interested in getting in touch about this?



I would be happy to answer questions on the forum here for your research.

To make it interesting for everyone, it might be good to just ask your questions here in public and see what happens.

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Thanks for the suggestion GutHend. My questions are as follows…

  1. Please give an indication of your age, location and profession (only if you’re comfortable doing so, obviously!)

  2. How do you use Airbnb? Host and/or guest? How often? What types of property to you most regularly host / guest.

  3. Why do use Airbnb (Why are you motivated to use the online marketplace / hospitality service and why Airbnb in particular?

  4. Please explain the events around the last time something went wrong on Airbnb as a host / guest

  5. Why do you think Airbnb is as successful as it is?

  6. How do you feel about the ratings system on Airbnb

  7. Is there anything about Airbnb which frustrates / irritates you, or that could be done better?

All contributions welcome!




Could anyone out there help me out massively by getting in touch about this? Happy to communicate by any medium!

I’ve asked the same questions a similar forum and found that people were reluctant to leave any personal details…if anyone on this forum is feeling the same then please be reassured that the only reason I’m asking these questions is for some research to provide context for some course work I’m undertaking. If this is what’s preventing you from replying then please feel free to leave out any details you don’t feel comfortable sharing.



  1. 43, central NC, retired military, executive MBA student

  2. Both. Host regularly, guest once or twice a
    Month at most. Usually economical but occasionally w a particular splurge amenity.

  3. To earn income with assets I have.

  4. Airbnb doesn’t uphold their own policies when it suits them and the guest and refuses to guve explanation. Hurts Host.

  5. Anyone can sign up.

  6. Don’t really like it but understand for the most part.

  7. Yes! A LOT! They don’t even follow their own crappy rules if they don’t feel like it.

Can I send my responses in a Pm to you? I don’t wish them to be posted publicly, this forum can be seen by anyone.

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