Would like to advertise my airbnb property in Miami -- any ideas?

Fellow Hosts, I’d like to pick your brains for some ideas on increasing traffic to my airbnb posting. I don’t mind spending a little; other than creating my own website, what do you suggest? My guests are from Latin America, Europe and the U.S.

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This has been discussed in various places on this site:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook
  3. There are custom sites like Space Agent. No idea about them, but they seem expensive to me.

@Faheem – thank you Faheem for your kind response even if it was a bit snippy :slight_smile: . Yes, I have seen the other posts but our fellow hosts are always creating new ways to get things done and I thought there was some novel idea that I had not read about.

I didn’t mean to be snippy at all. Maybe that came across wrong. If you mean the

that was merely a statement of fact. I wasn’t expecting you to magically find those places. As I was just remarking in another thread, this site isn’t exactly set up to find information.


@fair enough! if you hear of any other advertising ideas, I hope you will share it, thank you :slight_smile:

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Type wedding venues near you leave a card or make a pamphlet of your listing to hand out to wedding or event coordinator for out of town guests.

Be on different platforms as well.

@Carmen, thank you for the great idea!

Social media can work incredibly well and costs nothing. I have a local (Ft. Laud) Twitter account with 27.8K followers and can tweet it from that account if you’d like?

I don’t know whether you do this but I contact the organisers of local events about our listing, pointing out its advantages for their attendees. For example, we have two large art festivals just a mile away every year and our place is ideal for the creatively-minded because of its views. Vary your pitch to suit the event. If there’s a foodie event, for instance, stress details about your kitchen and proximity to local restaurants. You can always print these details out and mail them to organisers which might get more attention - ask them to pin it on the notice board or lunchroom of their offices.

And after all, you have loads of events in Miami!

Think a little way beyond strictly local though. For example, when there are important races or events at the Homestead Miami Speedway it’s impossible to find hotel rooms close by. You’re also ideally located for road trips to the Keys.

Before you go to the expense of getting your own website, get a free blog. Write articles about why your place is suitable for creatives, foodies, business travellers, road trippers, race fans — whatever you can think of. Then when you write about a certain subject, send that link to relevant people. Also add it to social media. That way, when you do get your own site, you can transfer the articles to it, giving you an instantly bigger and better site.

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@jaquo, I was just re-reading your message; you have so many great ideas, thank you!


Post your listing on VRBO, Craigslist and other sites that cater to the vacation home rental industry. My friends do well on VRBO and Homeaway. Also a targeted Facebook Ads campaign is really effective.