Would I be able to book a bnb as a 17 year old

(I know it’s against the TOS), but have any of you ever had a minor contact you and work things out in this situation? I’m taking a trip to LA this summer and cannot find a way to get a room anywhere. If my parents booked for me, and I made sure the owner knew, and was okay with things beforehand, is there any issue that can arise?

Most hosts won’t take a third party booking. It’s against TOS, as you said. Tough spot, but legally a 17 year old can’t enter contracts, so you would be high risk, even if you’re the perfect guest.

Sorry I don’t have any real useful advice, but I would not accept a 17 year old traveling alone. If you have an 18 year old friend who will travel with you, that would help.

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Hello @Dylan_Smigel

Try a youth hostel. They take 17 year olds.

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Yeah but are there any that allow unaccompanied minors to book and check in? (This would be in L.A. by the way).

I was thinking about calling a few and checking but I’d assume they would have the same policy as hotels because of liability issues…

If I had a parent contact me about their 17 year old staying and I felt good about the conversation I’d consider it. I’d need to know more about the trip and you. I graduated from high school at the age of 17 (back when the legal drinking age was 18). In TX, if you commit a crime you are charged as an adult. You can go to prison but you can’t stay in an AIRBNB? Ludicrous. That said I’m sure I’m in the minority here and you may not be able to find anyone who will agree to this.


I would be too concerned about Airbnb not supporting me and/or covering damages in the event something went wrong on either side. The kid may be a perfectly lovely guest, but the longer I do this, the more I’m interested in playing strictly by the rules.

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I have no expectation that they are going to support me whether I play by the rules or not. So I just imagine I’m offering a zimmer frei in a Bavarian village and in walks Dylan with a few Euros.


Surely that is something you can check out yourself @Dylan_Smigel ?

With the greatest respect this is a forum for hosts, not one to help guests with non Airbnb related questions.


Third Party Bookings are OK with me, age well how did we do it, do not remember it being an issue?

If a parent with an Airbnb account contacted me and inquired about accommodation for their 17 year old son/daughter, I would have absolutely no problem at all. Or if a 18 year old was travelling with a 17 year old, no problem there either.

In fact, I remember having that once. I think that the couple were from Sweden or Norway or some Scandinavian country (it was a long time ago) and she was 18 and he was 17. They were wonderful guests. Fabulous.

I’ve always been a little bemused by the fact that an American who is under 21 cannot buy an alcoholic drink but can drive a car, get married, have children and even join the military and die for their country.

Poor old @Dylan_Smigel might not be able to legally have an Airbnb account until he’s 18, but he’ll be welcome here :slight_smile:


I would probably host you if after a conversation with you and your parents and everyone was ok with it. But I am 90 miles from LA so no help here. Good luck


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