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Would anyone who manages multiple Airbnb properties be willing to do an interview?


We have a newsletter blast that goes to a lot of our Airbnb hosts, and I always like to provide some sort of valuable content for our readers. This includes deals we negotiate with Airbnb tool providers, articles about scaling, etc.

I’d like to ask 4-5 questions to an Airbnb host that has multiple properties around how to know when to scale, bottlenecks you faced, software you use, etc. You’d answer in maybe 2-3 sentences for each question so it’d be relatively quick. If you’re interested please respond here or email me at neel@maidthis.com. Thanks for your help!

Founder of [MaidThis! Cleaning Service][1]

p.s. if you’d like to be included in the email listerv, just let me know

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