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Worse Review that you have given a Guest


I need help finding the words. What is the worse review which you have written for a guest?



What was your issue with the guests? Maybe we could help you with the review if we know a little more. Usually if I’m not happy with guests I keep the reviews short and straight to the point. If it’s nothing major I would tell them in the private feedback.

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I posted about him here http://www.airhostsforum.com/t/high-maintenance-guests-and-reviews/6716/8

I think he expected five star hotel for airbnb prices.


Ah yes, I read through that post yesterday. I would say that guest may be better suited to hotel stays as maid service was expected during his stay with us which was not an option. You could put in all the details but it just gets messy and confusing for other hosts to read through.

I remember him too. I would say something like: “this guest is not a good fit for the AirBNB model. He came into my home expecting free concierge service like laundry and shoe polishing. I simply rent out space in my home at a discounted price compared to basic hotels. I not only felt disrespected in my own home, but he pushed for free amenities that a hotel would charge exhorbitantly for.”


I remember reading that thread, @Sarah_Warren’s advice is good. I’ve never had anyone that demanding. The worst review I’ve ever written was “So and so stayed here on such and such a date”.


@Sarah_Warren’s review is good - but so is yours “This guest expected a 5-star hotel experience at airbnb prices. His constant demands, including shoe polishing and laundry services, left me exhausted”.

Just keep it short, factual, and professional.


Will this review appear in public or is there a little black book which hosts can access to get the true picture. In the UK there is a travel book for travel agents allegedly that tells the truth about different holiday resorts rather than the glossy positive reviews that you get in travel brochures.

I need to write an honest review of a bad guest over the next few days and could also use some help with wording. To recap my issues (mentioned on other threads):

–Reserved for two, had three arrive. Would not pay for the third until a few days after they left.
–Did not observe quiet hours.
–I think they hosted a fourth person during the day but not over night (I don’t allow guests to entertain visitors), but it is easy to doubt myself so I may let this one go.
–Left the suite excessively messy with soda or champagne sprayed on the wall. They also left wet towels on the furniture, but at least half my guests do this (despite it saying not to in the house manual). Ah well, I have crappy furniture because I know guests will not take care of it!

They self-checked-in when I was at work, but I greeted then when I got home and said I was expecting two people, are there three in the party? They confirmed yes. I didn’t mention the extra guest fee in person because I wanted to double check they really booked for two, maybe I was just remembering wrong, and put in a modify reservation request. This was passive aggressive of me, I suppose!

I’m expecting a bad review (they already reviewed me), if only because I didn’t leave enough toilet paper for three guests.

Oh, the guest wanted cheese :slight_smile:
Have he asked a glass of Sancerre?

I cannot recommend these guests after their stay with me. They reserved for two people, but 3 people arrived. It took several days for them to accept the updated reservation for 3 people. I also suspect they had another person in my home (possibly leave this out if you’re unsure). My main concern is they were not respectful of my home. They did not observe quiet hours and they made sticky messes that they didn’t even attempt to clean.

And then after their review, if they comment about there not being enough supplies you could reply: “as their reservation was for 2 people and yet 3 stayed and I suspect they entertained others, it would be expected that I did not have enough supples.”


Thanks Sarah! That is an awesome review. I’ve been dreading posting it because I’ll see their harsh review against me and it will put knots in my stomach. I can ignore the silly little complaints about things people didn’t read in the listing, but I haven’t had my first slam yet. (50+ groups hosted.) I am not going to reply if they slam me because I want the review to disappear, but unfortunately I’ll have to wait a while for the new good reviews to hide the bad one. I’m going to take a long-term hiatus from hosting in September so I hope I get some good reviews from happy customers this August!

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May I ask why???

Good news: a baby on the way! Not due until November, but I’m getting burned out, and things slow down a lot in the fall.

I just reviewed my bad guest. She left a REALLY nit-picky private review but her public review I can live with because she is complaining about details disclosed in the listing, which just makes it look like she has poor reading comprehension. She left three stars for overall and location. Really? I live 2 miles from the city center and 1 mile from the hip gayborhood. And you’d be hard pressed to a cheaper 1-bedroom apartment any closer to downtown! Everything else was 4 stars. (I’m happy to PM my listing to anyone who wants to look; I just don’t want to post it to the public.)

For everyone’s enjoyment/commiserating:

Public: The location of the accommodation is relatively close to downtown [city]. It took us about 1 hour to walk, however the walk is mostly uphill and was more difficult than expected. Public transit is available only minutes away. The accommodation is in a quiet residential area. The accommodation was clean and safe. Our hosts respected our privacy and provided any additional items we requested. Coffee, tea and cereal bars were offered upon our arrival. The suite is in the basement and noise carried very easily through the upstairs floorboards. Additionally, noise from the pets on the premises was easily heard and disrupted the light-sleepers in our group. Note: The down-slope, wood chip entrance path to the suite can be a bit tricky to maneuver, especially if you are travelling with heavy luggage.

Private feedback:

Add an outside light to the exterior of the property and at the entrance of the garage to allow for better visibility. Maneuvering the down-slope, wood chip entrance path was difficult at night.

Accuracy feedback:
Your guest mentioned some issues that weren’t accurately reflected in your listing description: listing left out important information. Additional comments: “Although the homeowner advised us parrots would be present on the property, they were noisier then expected, and wer quite disruptive for light sleepers in our travelling group. ”.

Cleanliness feedback:
Your guest suggested that your space could be cleaner in the following areas: shower.

Amenities feedback:
The water pressure in the shower was quite weak. Additionally, during our stay we found the accommodation was quite damp and musty. We had to request a fan from the homeowner to assist with air circulation. The pull out couch in the living room was uncomfortable. The mattress was very thin and the springs could be felt through the mattress. The mattress also offered very little support and was not firm.

Communication feedback:
Our hosts were polite and respected our privacy.

Location feedback:
The location of the property is about a one hour walk to downtown [city]. However, the walk is considerably difficult. It is mostly uphill and at times the incline is steep. The property is minutes away from public transit. The neighborhood is residential and quiet. Additionally, the entrance to the accommodation is slightly precarious as you have to walk down a wood chip path that declines and step down onto the drive way. This entrance route is difficult to maneuver at night as there is no outside light.

Value feedback:
Overall, it is my opinion this homeowner’s nightly rate is too expensive for the level of amenities and location offered.


Congratulations on the baby. I’d like to be pm’d the listing.

Thank you! I just PMed the link to my listing.

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That would be our Private Bad Guest Lounge! :smile:

can I see the listing too? :slight_smile:

Ugh Xena,

Are you sure these nit pickets didn’t come from Hawaii recently? I had a similar guest where every little everything was picked apart. The way she explained it to me (although she agreed to edit the worst picks) was that because my listing was so “long” she wanted to save new guests the trouble of reading. As if.

Just as with your guest, Almost everything she nit picked was already disclosed in the listing copy, which is SO unfair. That’s like writing something like, well it was an ok accommodation for London but we were disappointed it wasn’t Paris.

This type is just better suited for a damned hotel. A pox on them :frowning:

PS! Please add these clods to our bad guest lounge. I don’t want to see them knocking on my door in Hawaii.


Wait, this is the same group that sprayed champagne and had extra people? Nit picking about the walkway?? What!!!

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