Worried about the lack of inquiries/reservations

I have 2 apartments listed in Airbnb. One is getting some inquiries and reservations (not too much as I would like but at least some). The other one got no more than 2 or 3 in the last 2 months. That’s insane.

My reviews are fine and I would like to believe that my pictures are too. I don’t own a paradise but based on my price and my offer I find completely strange that no one is interested in staying with me. Are you able to find my place in the search results? Could one of you send me an inquiry to test if I’m,having issues on getting messages? I sometimes faced (code 401) an error trying to contact my guests and I’m wondering if people is getting the same error when they try to reach out me.

If you try to search it, the city is Buenos Aires, the neighborhood is Recoleta and try dates Aug-25 to Aug-30 (on which I have it available). I will let people know (on this post) If I was able to get the inquiry and please let me know if the site send you an error.

Thank you so much to everyone!

You’re set up for instant book so, using the iPad app, I couldn’t see how I would send an enquiry. Flicking through the pictures, the place looks fantastic!

Dear Florbone,

I have the same problem. I started earlier this year and have had 3 guests so far, all with great ratings. I have one more guest coming next week. However, the inquiries/reservations have dried up and when I log out and just do a regular search, my listing does not come up in my area.

Do any of the more established hosts have any ideas what can be the problem?

Many thanks

Of course, I don’t mean a booking request. I’m meaning just testing a regular message using the tiny and red “Contact Host” button that at the bottom of the listing page (close to my profile picture). Honestly, I’m very worried about this and despite I completely accept that there are many listings way better than mine I find very strange the total lack of inquiries for the last 2 months.

I just did a search for Buenos Aries and yours was the first listing to come up…

Please Noblehua, send me the link to your listing’s page that I will try to send you a message so you know that you are not having any issue with the messaging system. I started Airbnb since almost 5 years but despite there are always high and low seasons this is the first year I experienced such total lack of activity in my listing. This is a very important part of my income so not getting any single inquiry is a big concern to me,

Airbnb always keeps track of your browsing history so if you first open my link without searching for it then it will be placed at the very top positions on a regular search. I believe my place is being listed well in the search ranking and that is also what I’m more worried about not sure if people is able to message me. Could this be possible?

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I’ve sent you a message. Through my partners account though… Her name is Verenna.

I have looked at your listing and it is fantastic. You have some great reviews as well. Here is the link to my listing: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/3364517 Search is Hampton, London and it is available except between 2-5th September.

I will also send you a message on your listing.

Thank you.

I’ve just launched Airbnb in a different browser without logging in and your listing still come out at the top. But I’ve also sent you a message. Did you get it?

Yes I got it! Thank you so much.
So, it must be my place. I might need to tweak my price further down or make better improvements at my home. Oh god, in the last months with all the never-end competition it has been so hard to get reservations. I never have problems in the past but currently, it is no longer a good business for me. Does this happen to the rest of you too? I wonder if I should better stop looking for short-term stays (which leaves a lot of vacancy holes in my calendar) and try for long-term stays instead

Don’t see any reason except it’s August and people have already made their plans. Are your guests usually from a particular place? Local? Foreign?

That place is really cheap and nice. I hope things pick up. Nearly 200 reviews too. Wow

I’m glad you like my place but I know it should have its problems. Maybe the pictures aren’t very good and I should photoshoot it again, or my price is too high (although I find it super cheap too). Whatever I’m now more relax that I was able to get messages from some of you. Now I know that the problem is that my offer isn’t too good and not my a bug on my account. I was forced to ask as I faced problems like this in the past so I was not sure if those messaging problems were coming up again to me.

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Thank guys for all the help! I’m happy there is a place like this forum to help each other :slight_smile:

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Hey mate this is my thinking. I’d rather have it booked 90% of the time at a lower price than 50% at current price (assuming the money works out better). That’s my only goal to work out the most profitable situation. It’s all trial and error.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be booked 90% of the time though. Luckily. I was the cheapest in the beginning but now I’m closer inline with listings similar.

August is in fact high season here. My guests are in average 95% foreigns from where more than 50% are fom the USA. This is one of my biggest complain about the site that they haven’t invest too much in promoting theirselves outside the US. In fact if you check their Youtube channel, none of their marketing campaigns are in Spanish (I speak spanish) which is the 3rd language used in the world and almost an entire continent speaks it. You have videos made in Korean but not in Spanish!

50% of guests that hotels received here are made from locals while compare to mine only 2-3% of my guests are locals. Good hotels rooms in average cost more than twice than a regular Airbnb apartment.

[quote=“florbone, post:17, topic:7463”]
is the 3rd language used in the world and almost an entire continent speaks it. You have videos made in Korean but not in Spanish!

Si! Español is very commonly spoken here in nyc! Seems silly to leave out so many speakers. But, here in the USA vacation time is planned ahead and we tend to go to warm climates in the invierno.

I think the problem is the competition. And it’s hard to look at so many listings! I wish one of the search filters included reviews. I made major improvements to my room (just a room in my home) and lowered the price but I don’t have increased business because of all the competition.

I think that the AirBNB platform has grown tremendously and the platform’s software has not kept pace. As much as I dislike booking.com, etc, their filters are far more powerful and useful for the traveler. Just this morning I was thinking… we have two open days in October, maybe we should take a trip up to Montreal. I gave up… can’t search by anything I want to know.