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Working with restaurants


I own a restaurant in Tauranga, New Zealand. How do I get hold of local Airbnb and give them vouchers. Airbnb is extremely popular and taking a dent in the motel market. I would love to work with Airbnb and help build my business at the same time. Any ideas or ways to contact hosts would be much appreciated.



Local host face book page?

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I think @Barns as a host has relationships with local hosts. He may have some ideas.

In my immediate area in a small city in North Carolina, USA, there isn’t a local Airbnb Facebook group.

One thought would be: Once s month a coupon mailer goes out “Val pack coupons”.

If you have something like that you could advertise a locals discount and have a noticeable section say “ contact us if you are interested in special discounts for short term rental guests or groups”.

VRBO lets you email owners directly. Many hosts are on Airbnb & VRBO simultaneously. Perhaps you could contact owners that way.



Airbnb doesn’t like to do the buddy buddy stuff with local businesses I’ve found. Your best bet would be to contact the hosts directly. You can ask them if they’d like your menu and vouchers in an inquiry. I put these in my rooms/rentals and people use them a lot.



work with the hosts in your area. look them up on a map and use the platform to send them messages asking them to promote your services. like if you have discount coupons they could leave them in the house or something.



I understand this but it is against the Airbnb TOS for guests. If Airbnb gets enough complaints about this kind of messaging, they will close the guest account. You could get the Restaurant name past the censors but they will block email & phone numbers.

You can always try and see if you get in trouble—you may get by.



I think it’s best not to approach hosts via the Airbnb message app because to do that you have to send an enquiry which they will either have to decline, which affects their rating, or else accept then you don’t book, which I think also affects their rating.
In NZ you can zoom right in on the map and see the actual addresses of Airbnbs so you could probably put a flyer in their letterboxes.
Otherwise, there is an NZ Airbnb hosts facebook page. They don’t allow non-hosts to join but you could ask the moderator to post a message on your behalf.



It also truly pisses them off.

I get several a month from people offering all kinds of services that I don’t want. Even if they were offering something I was interested in, I think I’d say no on principle.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have some temporary notice in the restaurant/on the menu offering a discount to any patrons who are staying at a local Airbnb? Then, for them to claim the discount, they need to fill out a simple form giving the address of the Airbnb plus the host’s name.

That way you can build up a database of local Airbnb hosts, contact them and create special and seasonal offers for them and their guests.

Make sure that each host is offered a free meal at the restaurant so that they can recommend your food with genuine enthusiasm :slight_smile:

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I have typed and printed a list of local downtown restaurants, which my guests find useful and may take with them. Because restaurant menus often change, I do not have a binder of menus for my guests to read and decide where to eat.

I also provide guests with a typed list of area tourist attractions, including driving miles from my Airbnb. See below.





Great Idea mate. I will try that.

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Are you only wanting to go after hosts/guests who use the Airbnb platform? Or are you wanting to reach out to any people visiting the city? Ex: Are you including people who stay at motels already? Or if not, is there a reason why not?



That’s why the last time someone “reached out” to me (a jewelry shop) I reported them as SPAM to AirBnB.

What would you actually do? Give a discount to guests? Give a commission to hosts? Both? Give an incentive to hosts to send people your way?
I am wondering how this will actually work.

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I prefer an non-monetary incentive. It keeps things simpler and, for example, a free meal-for-two at a great local restaurant is more of a treat than money that will be put towards next week’s supermarket shop or next month’s electricity bill.



I have been to the motels. However they are less full and have 20 restaurants to promote. I want to reach out to guests at Airbnb’s.



That is exactly what I do. A free voucher to spend at my restaurant.

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They write the name of their Airbnb on the voucher. I count how much money they have brought into my restaurant. At the end of the month I reward them with vouchers for my restaurant.



I was hoping you would be a bit more specific :grin:, so I’ll add a few specific questions:

  • What kind of discount will guests receive with their voucher?
  • How can I know as a host that you are counting the money I bring in correctly?
  • How do you know that the guest would not have come to your restaurant anyway?
  • Suppose my guests brought you $US 1000 extra of income, what kind of discount will I be receiving?

So really, how do you put it into practice, enticing guests and hosts while keeping yourself happy with not giving too many discount?


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