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Working full time

Hi. I am relatively new to airbnb hosting. I have been a host for around 8 weeks and have been off work which in turn has turned out ok whilst hosting. There is a chance i will going back to work within the next couple of months. Is it still feasible to run an efficient hosting service whilst also working full time? I was thinking changeovers, making beds etc would difficult? Does anyone else host airbnb whist full time working? And how do you manage? Thanks

It’s depend what kind of work time do you have.
You need to have someone to clean and change sheets if you are working

Do you have trusted friends or family that cab greet arriving guests and handle back to back bookings cleaning and changing of linens/towels?

If not, will you have enough bookings if you block off the day after guests check out to give you time to get the room ready for the next guests?

I used to work outside the home with a 30 minute commute. There is no way I would have been able to run my Airbnb then. I am extremely lucky now, because I work from home and can be very flexible.

This is where the cleaning fee comes in. When/if you go back to work, find a cleaning person you can trust, and give them keys and have them do the turnover for you and set your cleaning fee for what you pay them. And then set your check-in times for either after you’re home from work or have self-check-in.

I stay home so it’s not an issue, but if you have a cleaning person and a set-up that allows for self-check-in, it could be easily doable. Or just block the calendar for days that wouldn’t work, etc.


I couldn’t do it but I know that others do successfully. I have convinced by self (more than likely incorrectly) that no-one can get the apartment ready in the way that I can, or meet-and-greet as well as me :wink:

Getting a reliable neighbour is a good idea but you’ll also have to have someone on hand for unforeseen circumstances. When you’ve been hosting for a while, you’ll see wear and tear that might need urgent attention such as plumbing or electrical issues that need specialists.

Also this forum is full of hosts saying that guests arrive hours before or after checkout so whoever is taking your place would have to deal with that.

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That might be true. But as the saying goes - let not the perfect be the enemy of the good. :slight_smile:

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I worked outside the home for a year while doing airbnb. As a result I had to block off more days as unavailable and buy a lock box so people could let themselves in. It’s not optimal but it is doable.

I host remotely and work full time. It’s definitely possible, you just need a reliable hands-off check in/out system (lock boxes/keyless entry), a reliable housekeeper (preferably one who can use google/shared calendars), and a couple of back up emergency contacts who live nearby / know your system.

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It depends how you want to host. If you are setting minimum stay to 1-2 days, it will be tough. Because this is who you are going to get 1-2 days guests.
I switched from that to longer term hosting and now it’s 7 days minimum. But I get now even longer term guests who are staying couple months at a time. With longer term guests you can definitely very easy work full time. Because there is really not that much to do. You clean your house as you usually do and it’s up to you whether you want to change their beds or towels. You might even want to have them do it.
I don’t think I will ever go to 1-3 days minimum ever. The load of work is so much less with longer stays, I can leave the house and go on an trip without having accommodate a long array of guests.

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What I’d have to pay a cleaner would sometimes be more than what I’d earn from the listing, so I just make do and sometimes block a day before and after. If it’s a weekend I can do it. However, if you’ve got a big rental with a high rate, getting a cleaner is going to be doable for sure.

Welcome to hosting! We both work full time and it’s a juggle situation for sure depending on timing. I have a more flexible schedule so I can head home to meet someone for a mid afternoon check in. Or a longish lunch or even the afternoon off to turn over sheets and clean if there’s a same day check out/in. So far it’s worked ok. As the more experienced hosts will say it’s all about how firm you are with the check in/out times.
We did just place a keyless code entry lock on the front door so that’s already been helpful with check ins. We just tell the guests we will get the chance to meet when we get home from work and that opens up the next cans of worms when guests respond - “Oh you’ll be here?” LOL sorry off topic…

My ABB is the upstairs bedroom and bathroom, shared space of living room and kitchen (light cooking only–making coffee/tea, toasting, reheating in microwave, no use of stove/oven–that’s exactly what it says in my listing and house rules.

I work full time, have a direct sales biz, freelance in a couple of areas (social media advertising for businesses, reiki, elder care consulting) and volunteer. I do not view ABB as a reliable source of income at all, any crazy thing could happen could happen and put a halt to it.

To your question “is it feasible to run an efficient hosting service whilst also working full time?”, there are so many variables! What kind of ABB are you offering? Does it command a price able to be self sufficient if there is a cleaning crew and/or meet and greet person involved? Is everything so brand new it’s easy to turn it over if it’s you doing the turn over? Is the landscaping part of the cost, or is that something else you have to do in between turning over? Can it be a self check in type of place? Is it a tourist destination or just a stop over place, or a destination in and of itself? Some tourist destination places attract guests that may take more involvement either prior to the visit or during the visit, a stop over place is probably the easiest as far as guest-host interactions, and those destination unto themselves is probably the middle ground–usually easy on the host, but could require extra guest-host interaction.

Remember also, depending on what your guests may require from you as a host, and what your ABB budget may be able to carry, is that no matter what…it IS work. And so you need to know your ability to handle the work, because it can be draining.

In my particular situation as I outlined above, I would have to say no, it’s not efficient, but it does make me enough money to pay for household projects that I would otherwise have to scrimp to save for, so I’m good with it, even though I do get burned out, usually about this time of the year.
But, as I mentioned, there are so many variables!


Ok @Keith2016
Lots of answers, but crickets from you! :wink:

Why would someone choose Airbnb as their handle on this forum?


I was awonderin’ that too! There are a few other handles starting with air as well

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