Wording reviews for good guests

Ok so I searched the forum and did not find a thread for some help with wording reviews for perfectly nice guests. I don’t want it to sound canned but I don’t want it to be overly specific. I kind of find it uncomfortable to say they were clean, neat, quiet but I know these things count when hosting. My last guests were all of the above and somehow left the room smelling even better than when they arrived! Of course, I didn’t say that in the review! Also it’s interesting that there are no star ratings for guests!

I just say anything true that a host would want to hear.

Clean, tidy, respects the rules, friendly, nice, recommended. Etc…


There are star ratings for guests they just don’t show up…yet. I think maybe they will in future since they are experimenting with using them for instant book.

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I use the expression “seasoned traveller” often for cool, no hassle guests.
Meaning; they travel a lot and have normal expectations.


"Seasoned travellers" is good, but … Since you’re in Italy … I would sprinkle a few flower-full universally known comments like … bellisimi or similar… :slight_smile:

I might just say: X guests were clean, courteous, quiet and followed all the house guidelines to the letter. What’s more they left the place spotless. I would highly recommend xx guest to any host wanting an easygoing guest and a hassle free hosting experience.

Something like that.


Elizabeth, what a great way to say a lot with one word only. love it.

What about mentioning some personal experience with the guest? We air 2 rooms in our home so we see the guests everyday sometimes even sharing a meal etc, is it off to mention that we talked a. Lot, or we went out together and so?