Wording for keypad on individual rooms

How can I put in the ‘description’ section that the room has a keypad lock and allows the guest to leave things in the room etc?

I’d make sure to tick the amenity box for “lock on bedroom door” and then note the keypad lock under “Other Things to Note” under the description.

Do you also do self-checkin? If you do self check-in, it will then allow you to choose “keypad lock” after choosing self check-in and that is what will make it show at the top of your listing along with, “20 recent guests said this was sparkling clean” or whatnot (is that what you are referring to?).


Your door is equipped with a lock operated with a keypad so you will not need to carry a key.



The bolded part (my addition) is the only change I would make, to clarify that it is the individual bedroom door and not the main house door.


I have pictures of the extra digital lock on the bedroom doors.

I also have a super review that mentions it too! (Although technically it is a backhanded compliment because I am the only other one in the home), and given that I have a code to get in as well, it really doesn’t mean a whole lot…

I have added other similar door locks/handles on some of the other doors in the house I don’t want a guest accessing…the one on my bedroom also has fingerprint option.


That’s a great idea! I would like that when looking at a shared space. And, BTW, it’s not personal about the host. I would assume the host could come in but I prefer to lock my bedroom door at night, even at home.

Locking your door at night (when you are in the room) has nothing to do with the digital lock that is accessible only on the outside. When inside it is almost no different than turning the little dial to lock the door. Although instead of a cake tester to unlock the door from the hallway, the correct code would be needed.

I understand that. We have keypad locks on the front, back and each apartment front doors - they are all separate units so we didn’t put them on the bedrooms. Yeah, we just turn the dial from inside.

I was addressing this:

I was just saying, I like to lock my bedroom door at night regardless of where I am - it has nothing to do with the host :slight_smile:

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And before I had the digital lock it was just a dial. So an upgrade all the way around. I hadn’t taken it as a backhanded complement but in a way it could have been, technically. :wink: