Woodstock, New York, passes STR regulations

Those of us in the Catskill Mountains, north of NYC have been watching this closely. It may spread to other towns, although my town and county are unlikely to do so. The additional tourists (and renovated houses on the taxes rolls) are mostly welcome.

Still, something to keep an eye on for others in the area.


Seems reasonable. As opposed to those who forbid it. Or stupid things like sprinklers.

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I thought they were reasonable, too.

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I think this is awful and restrictive and chocking -
• Rent to guests no more than 180 days per year and no more than 26 weekends per year.

  • The new policy also states that short-term rental “homes” will be limited to renting out two bedrooms at a time, with no more than two guests per bedroom; while short-term rental “establishments” can have up to five bedrooms available, also with no more than two guests per room.

Woodstock has almost zero housing stock and rentals left for full-time residents. Over half the real estate is owned by people who don’t live there full-time. Moreover, the amount of investment properties without even a part-time owner living onsite has sky rocketed. It has implications for the volunteer fire, schools and library. The restrictions address the concerns of the community while still allowing both FT and PT owners the ability to rent to help defray the costs of their home and taxes. The regs have been in the works for a long time and the outcome has been surprisingly well-received. Some grumbling, of course, but overall it has been one of the less controversial moves in a town known for turning EVERYTHING into a battle including the color of the road signs.


Two people per bedroom is the FEDERAL standard. It is very fair. Why is it restrictive and awful and choking to prevent people from over occupying a place? The residents are more important than profit seekers

26 weekends a year is plenty. It is the same for everyone, so people can charge what the market bears.

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28 weekends a year would put me on the government dole and I would have to sell my home. What’s for the goose is not always good for the gander.
It is NOT “plenty”…it is government restrictions on the property rights and makes no logical sense

Jurisdictions are not set up for profit seekers, but for residents. That is why we have zoning districts, code enforcement, fire safety, etc

There is no such thing as anything goes. I am in a dense neighborhood. Being free to have 30 shoved into a 3 bedroom home, taking all the parking, making a lot of noise, trash and disturbances is not how things work

Every zoning and code regulation is a restriction on property rights.

The law they set is looser than many other places and is fair. Your profit targets are not the primary obligation of ANY jurisdictions.

Your unhappiness is unfounded. It applies to all, not just you.

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Hello - Hope everyone is doing well.

I’m seeking advice on fighting anti-STR legislation in Woodstock, NY. We’re also having to endure anti-Asian sentiments as we’ve been targeted by the Town and neighbors as a mixed-race family.

If you’re being unfairly targeted I’d like to hear from you.


Try the facebook page =. "str legal barriers & action
there are lobbyists as part of vrbo/expedia and airbnb who will assist from the Government Affairs department. You will have to locate who covers your area.

Check on linkedin - Tracy covers NY for VRBO
Regional Government Affairs Manager at Expedia Group
Austin, Texas, United States
You can also search for airbnb advocates.
You can also contact VRMA advocacy and search for more links = https://vrboadvocates.com/
Here is another source: http://www.stradvocacy.org
In the end, your area will have to unite and organize in order to show your council the reasons to allow your rental and you will have to work with them in creating fair and reasonable regulations that benefit everyone.

I’d be interested in connecting. We have also been impacted by the cap.