Wonderful Guest Stories Please!

I need some good stories, some fun guests stories. I need a re-charge. Need positive thoughts to keep me going in the trenches…

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how about these–


When someone asks a lot of questions, wants a discount, and makes me jump through hoops, it is generally a sign that it isn’t worth it, they will be a pain as a guest or they won’t book after all. Mary asked a ton of questions to the extent that she had me sending room measurements and floor plans. She did book and her extended family came to say goodbye to her Marine son who was being deployed. After they left I found a gift of a beautiful guest log book and a lovely card with $100 in cash towards the next PTSD affected military family who would be staying gratis. She also left a wonderful review on Airbnb and Facebook. She continues to comment glowingly on our Facebook page.


My guest Valentina booked from Italy to do her advanced medical research on radiological treatments at Johns Hopkins. She is from the province of Reggio Emilia, where they make Parmesan cheese.

I wrote to her before she left Italy, that I had researched the matter of bringing Parm in through U.S. Customs, and I’d ask to have me pay her to bring her some, but it sounded too complicated in terms of getting proper labels and declaring it, and not to worry.

Her reply: “It’s already packed.”

P.S. We had a blast going to vintage clothing shops, plays, cooking up authentic meals, and watching Amy Schumer movies.

P.P.S. Today she invited me to her Sept. wedding in Italy !!!


Thank you, Pups!

In the Fall of 2017, I had an eight month guest. About 6 weeks into his stay, my partner was diagnosed with lung cancer. I advised this guest, and said that my priorities had shifted, and that things were going to be tense. Also, he would need to convalesce here. I offered to help him relocate.

He not only said “no thank you”, but hung in there for the duration, constantly caring, quiet and with a smile.



Reaffirming our tottering faith in humanity.



“Young Couple on a Budget Survives on Rice During Airbnb Stay!”
I just had the sweetest young couple, on their first visit to the U.S., for 4 nights. They were happily astonished that all the supplies in the Airbnb were, indeed, for them. Here is the empty 20-serving jar of rice they consumed (along with other items – bagels, milk, cereal, etc.)

They were so grateful for such relatively inexpensive amenities, and left the space super clean. Makes it all worth it, eh?


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