“Wishlist” Boost?

I am on a Facebook group for local AirBnB hosts, and one of them just posted an email reply he received from AirBnB that said that enough people “favourite” your listing on their wish lists, you get a small boost in your ranking.

Has anyone else heard of this?

I would suggest we put the theory to the test by working together.

  1. Post the link to your listing in this thread.
  2. Go to the other listings posted in this thread, and “wish list” the properties to your favourites by clicking the heart icon (on my screen it’s in the top right corner).
  3. Report back on any increase in traffic that you notice!

I look forward to hearing if it makes a difference!

Here are my listings:

The keyword here is small. There are a hundred factors that go into your ranking in comparison to your local competitors.

Read the new email that came today from Air about rankings and such. I doubt the effort to get people to “favorite” you will garner you one additional booking in a year. Not worth my time and effort.

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I think you would need to have a substantial amount of people ‘favourite’ your listing to make any impact. I agree with @KenH that it’s unlikely to be worth focussing on this.

By the way you haven’t linked to your listings :slight_smile:

It was just an idea I thought was interesting, but not one I was planning to spend a lot of time over!

Doh… I haven’t received either of these emails from Air, nor to I recollect getting any ever in four months.