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Wish list your apartment

Hello, i have an idea that we add our apartments here and exchange our wish list :slightly_smiling:

So if you like my accomodation add it to your wish list and i will add yours :slightly_smiling:


Beautiful property you have. Here is mine.

@luckytxn Your place isn’t too far from mine. We were staying out your way not long ago to visit San Leon. I love San Leon (Mainly the distillery there haha)

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Awesome. Wishlist or post yours. I definitely send people your way if on the island. Let me know if back my way. I discount any hosts or we can meet in San Leon for beverage.

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Sure, why not :slightly_smiling:

Here is mine

Beautiful place Nym.

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thanks Luckytxn :slightly_smiling:

@luckytxn sounds great! Here is ours https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/10594794
Waiting for the photographer to finally come take pro pics, eventually! lol I will wishlist yours and make sure anyone going to your area (or even Kemah) know about it

Will do the same. I have gotten maybe 4 times I told potential guests that they needed more the Island to do what they wanted and now instead I will send them your way.

Very nice looking place you have.

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