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Wine Country Guests


We live in Sonoma. We’ve been hosting for 5 years. The vast majority of our guests are delightful. The guests who are not delightful are usually those who portray themselves as wine connoisseurs, but are actually using that as a cover for their alcoholism. Just curious to see if any other “wine country” hosts have experienced this.


About a quarter of my guests come up to visit wineries. One group left a half-full bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape (I happily finished), so I know I’ve had some serious wine lovers, but no poorly behaved self-identified oenophiles.

The ones that forgo the wine tours and drive themselves (without drawing straws for a designated driver) are the ones that cause me concern. If it weren’t such a privacy violation, I’d put together a greatest hits of guests stumbling up the front stairs, as captured by the security camera.


I host out of my vineyard and emphasize wine touring in our AVA. I’m dog friendly too. I haven’t noticed any alcoholics…a couple of pot smokers since it’s legal in my State but every guest has been delightful (it helps that I live on site)


Sounds heavenly…


Thanks!! What I don’t have is a tasting room or a winery. This really simplifies things.

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