Windows mobile app?

I would like to suggest to create a windows mobile app.
The current version is awful on windows mobile and all the time is keep asking for downloading an android app!
I don’t think that the windows mobile users are so few…

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I think this forum displays fine in the browser, no need for an app

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Is the OP asking for an Airbnb app for Windows phone?

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I think you mean for the website, yes?

Amen and amen to THAT! Yes, people, Windows users DO EXIST! We are here! We are here! :smile:

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Yes I mean the website.
It’s really useless from a windows mobile.
It auto detects the screen resolution and assuming you are on an android device it suggests to download a mobile app for android.
So I guess there is an application for android, so what I kindly ask is to have an app for windows based mobiles (not phablets).
Alternative please redesign the responsive part of the web site so to be able to use it on an mobile.
I’m more than 10 months host at airBnB and this is the biggest problem for me.
Actually I had a cancelation because of that since I can’t always be in front of a laptop.

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What OP stands for? I can’t understand what you are asking…

I’m not talking about the forum.
I’m talking about the website of the airBnB

OP means original poster or original post. I was just trying to make clear that your request is for an app for Windows phone. This forum is not monitored by Airbnb or associated with them so asking here for them to do something will have no effect.

I have a Windows phone too and almost NO apps work on it. The reason I bought the phone was because I make my living working in MS products and I can actually run them on my phone (very useful!) but otherwise the thing is a doorstop. I run the Airbnb website on the phone rather than an app and it’s clunky to be sure.

On the other hand, I really don’t like the interface for the app on iPad. It has so many less options (or they are completely buried) and the menus are so totally different than the website.

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Agreed! Don’t for a moment think that those of us with access to the app have any huge advantage. I have it on both iPhone and iPad and it’s a bit limited. In fact I quite often use the regular website through a browser on the iPad.

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Yes. The only thing I like about the app is being able receive notifications and confirm bookings. Everything else I do on the website.

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Yes, same story here Sarah.

I’ve had another thought after testing my listing on my phone. The website on a computer has a cropped image of your listing at the top, then lots and lots of text (some of which can be expanded), and then the bulk of your images at the bottom.

On my phone, the listing image is full size, and then really abbreviated sections of text show in between the next few images from the listing. All the information, including the icons for amenities, are cut short and need to be expanded with the +More button.

Maybe the reason that so many people don’t read the &%$^@ instructions is that they literally do not know (or don’t bother) to hit the +More button. Fully 90% of my description is not visible on the phone without expanding.

Note: the captions for the images do show up, in a larger and more visible font that the text of the listing. Maybe I should add the really important stuff to the captions of my first three pictures.


what a great post! really. No I can understand why they keep on asking me if my listing is on the ground floor while I mention everywhere that its a first floor :wink:

Where are you located? The terms are actually different between the U.K. and the U.S.

Here in the U.S. we call the ground floor the first floor, and then it goes to the second floor, etc. I think in the U.K. (and many other places) the ground floor is at the bottom but the first floor is the next one up, i.e. what we in the U.S. would call the second floor.

I’m willing to bet that your U.S guests are very confused when you give them your correct answer.

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