Wimdu vs Airbnb - what option is better?

I’ve used both Airbnb and Wimdu for a while and I’ve received many bookings from both websites. Here are my toughts based on my experience with both companies:

I signed up with Airbnb 3 years. It was intuitive and easy to create a profile and add my vacation rental listing. Later on Airbnb has introduced a more thourogh verification process some people seem to struggle with, but on the other hand it’s good that they are focusing on security for guests and hosts.

One year after signing up with Airbnb I got contacted by Wimdu who offered to set up and advertise my vacation rentals at no cost. I decided to give it a try and I’ve been a member ever since. I’ve noticed there is no verification process for becoming a member of Wimdu and very few people have pictures and adequate descriptions.


While most guests I’ve had from Wimdu have been European (German, Dutch, Italian), the Airbnb guests have more mixed nationalities.

During 2014 I received a number of bookings from both Airbnb and Wimdu, in total 350 bookings from Airbnb and 44 from Wimdu.

While Airbnb has an easy accessible 24/7 hour customer service by phone, I haven’t found something similar on Wimdu (correct me if I’m wrong).When you click on the “contact us” or “FAQ” button on Wimdu you’re being taken to a wide range of FAQ’s and the option to send an inquiry through a contact form, but I cannot find any emergency phone number. In my opnion that’s a bit alarming if you’re locked out, if you have a problem as a host or for some other reason need to contact the company quickly.However, the very few times I’ve had to contact Wimdu through the contact form they have normally answered few hours later or the next business day and the response time has been faster compared to tickets sent to the Airbnb customer service.

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What are your toughts regarding Wimdu versus Airbnb?

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Wimdu approached me and uploaded my listing to their site. I have never received an inquiry or booking. So no experience with Wimdu. I started using Flip Key in 2014 and have received a few inquiries and booking. But 98% of my bookings are still Airbnb.

I was contacted by them too, and had my Airbnb pictures “jacked” for their site. However, over the years I’ve redone my listing with Wimdu and like them. They are based in Germany and have always sent me great guests. You can’t collect a security deposit so you have to do this up front with the guest. Also, they pay you the full 15 percent! Not 12, like Air. The review system isn’t as hard to use as Air’s. I also like Wimdu because I don’t receive a 1099 statement from them like I do Air.

One thing I haven’t liked is that they state I’m in Kamuela, Hawaii, on the other side of the island! I can’t seem to get them to change that. Other than that, no problems. the guests from them have been outstanding (all three have been single travelers) and the pay higher than Air. Wish I could get more bookings through them!

FlipKey is hit and miss. I’ve had a few bookings through them and am not really impressed with their system and the caliber of guest.

I use Wimdu, not for the bookings, but for the advertising.

They allow to put the name of my accommodation in the title of the listing, this gives guests a chance to find and book me directly. :wink:

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One thing I LOVE about them is that the guest pays everything! No host fee charged! I have a Wimdu guest in right now. Another quiet solo traveler. And there is not the intimidating review system to worry about.


I did not have one booking with WIMDU. Now they sent me eamail saying I am on limited listing

I’ve had a few Wimdu bookings. Each guest has been particularly outstanding.

One issue I have is that guests often contact me in their language, which I don’t speak, so I have to use a translator. That’s not a big deal unless I’m not at home or don’t have great wifi.

But yes, I have a guest coming and all I know is that his name is Wolf. Often I don’t even know what country they are coming from. Still, so far, so good.

But Wimdu seems to charge the guest a LOT more, but I haven’t studied it closely.

Hello everyone,

A followup to this slightly stale thread. I was thinking of listing on Wimdu.
There are a grand total of 11 listings for Bombay, so at least I won’t get lost in the crowd. Though none of them had more than one review, so I don’t know how much activity there is there. See http://www.wimdu.in/search?utf8=✓&city=Mumbai.

I was wondering if any of you redirect your guests from Wimdu to Airbnb. It sounds like Wimdu charges more. Or do any of your guests first find your listing on Wimdu and then find it on Airbnb? Airbnb is better set up from my pov. They pay taxes for me for example. So I’d slightly prefer that. Though I’ve no idea whether using Wimdu as a referral service would work long term - they might object to it…

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My Wimdu guests have been wonderful. They do pay more, you’re right. I have tried to hint to them to go to air but none have. It’s not nearly the same traffic as airbnb, but the way I look at it, I’m putting my eggs into different baskets. I have two reviews on Wimdu, only 2, but they are good ones. I have two more bookings coming from Wimdu.

It doesn’t seem like you get nearly the info on the guests that you do with air. One of my guests name is “Wolf”. And I don’t know what country they are from. I may not be looking in the right place.

Also, they don’t have the insurance that air is providing.

Still, so far, so good, and at least I get more exposure.

Hi @dcmooney,

Can you point me to your listing on Wimdu? Thanks.

You should list! I took a look at those properties - yours is so much more interesting, cooler - more like living in a home in India.

Creating a login now. :slight_smile:

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good lawd, my photos are out of date!!! I’m glad you asked

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Thanks, @dcmooney.

Though note that just
is sufficient. :slight_smile:

As a rule of thumb, everything after a ? is not necessary. Though I don’t know if this is always the case.

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One curious thing. Wimdu actually wants me to list my complete address. Why is that?

Wimdu is like Air used to be. I don’t think guests come wit he the high levels of expectations that Air seems to engender. I don’t think they would like you using them for a referral service though Faheem. I also think many Wimdu guests wouldn’t get the idea of seeing you on Wimdu and finding you on Air. A couple of guests I’ve had have told me they never heard of Air before.

Hi @konacoconutz,

Yes, I see. I wasn’t aware Airbnb guests had high expectations. I notice the Wimdu site appears to be rather sketchier, or, if you prefer, less comprehensive than Airbnb.

And yes, I don’t imagine that Wimdu would like being used as a referral service.

I see. Though the latter is a bit surprising. How can you not have heard of Airbnb if you are booking with a similar service?

Thinking back, this was probably a couple of years ago or longer when the Air service was new. Wimdu has been around at least as long as Air. I remember guests telling me that they were very well known in Germany.

Most guests I receive from Wimdu are from Germany, the Netherlends, France, Spain and Italy