Wimdu not accepting PayPal?

Any other Wimdu hosts -

I just got an email from Wimdu saying they are no longer accepting PayPal as a payment option - I think it’s a scam - just checking with others…

I got an email an hour ago about it.

Never had any bookings from there before.

I assume you are listed with them? Hmmmmm… My ONLY bookings coming up are Wimdu. I’ll just sign on without following the link and see what happens

I did too. And it caught my eye because it used my actual name in the email. I got one last week that said the date was April something. This one has the date updated to August. When I checked in through the actual site there is not a single word about The supposed PayPal change.

Clearly a scam.

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Yes I am…

I hope you do get some guests! My Wimdu guests have been amazing.

Thanks, @konacoconutz! I think anytime an email tells you to follow a link and then sign-on, it’s bogus.

I just finished listing my room on Wimdu. I was not given PayPal as an option for payouts. I could only use a bank. I’m a US host.

Interesting!! I went to my wimdu page and there was nothing about this change. Hmmmmm…

it’ is not scam, they no longer accept paypal as a payout option. I’m Airbnb and Windu host in Italy, just changed my payout settings on Wimdu after their email. No word of this change on their site, still no scam.

They are not the most polished platform in the world. A bit funky. I don’t mind funky. :smile:

Thank you, @elisabetta! I have some Wimdu guests coming in October, so I’ll get it changed!

:slight_smile: poor host-care by their customer service…