Wimdu Hosts Please Read & Help if Possible

I got a message from someone who says they are a guest wanting to book. When I go to the website listed I have to sign in, and no-way am I going to do that. I sent a message to Wimdu - anyone have this happen?

"Hello ,
Several colleagues and me are going to a conference and we were about to book your property , but one of the colleagues notice the same property Images & Details advertised by other Host and different price , check this out :


We need to book today but we don’t know who’s property is the genuine.
Please get back to me asap
Check your email to view my full message"

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Do not respond!! Total scam!


I had this too, it’s a scam


Oh, God, I think this means that someone has hacked all my info - they will get paid for a booking but the people will show up here without a booking? But how will that false host get paid? Isn’t it much like air, we don’t get paid until 24 hours later?

Something like this happened to a friend with a rental house. Someone stole all the information, rented out the place, took the money, but the tenant hadn’t rented it from the actual owner.

Gee, I’ve had a FUN hosting week!!!

Did you have anything bad happen? Anyone show up thinking they have booked? Or is it just to get my sign-on info? (THANKS!)

Step away from the computer…sit down…pour a glass of wine…and breath…

No one has hacked your account, and no one is showing up at your house. This is a very typical ‘phishing’ scam, where a scammer gives you a false website where you provide your credentials, and THEN they take over your account. Since you did not enter your log in/password you are fine. Report to Wimdu and move on. If you want extra peace of mind, search Wimdu and see if there is another listing for you apartment.


Thanks!! Glad to know it -

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All of us on Wimdu have had this happen. Don’t worry. If it sounds bizarre it probably is. It’s abundantly clear when you get an actual Wimdu inquiry. Az is right…step,away from the computer and take a break. You have had a rough few couple of weeks.

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I had this several times through Airbnb. Their objective is to get you to click on the link to a fake site and give your log in un and own. As long as you don’t you are fine. I would send the email to wimdu. All of these sites have a phishing email to report this kind of thing. Its interesting that the wording is always the same.

Own= pw password ugh auto correct

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Thanks, everyone - the rep did write back pretty quickly and confirmed all that you said.

Meanwhile, I just got a message from Wimdu; it looks like I have a 6 night booking for 2 people in August! On my way now to accept it! (Licking me chops…)

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I had a similar phishing attempt through Air.

The girl inquired and said she was planning a surprise for her husband, and asked if I could email her at work. She provided her supposed work email, and spaced out the address so that it wouldn’t get blocked. I just thought maybe she and her husband share the email she signed up with, and she didn’t want him to see any correspondence.

So I emailed her and then she replied saying they have chosen my place, but they have looked at so many properties - they just want me to confirm this one is mine. She provided a link and it brought me to a log in page. I didn’t log in, and Air did catch it. Air sent me an email the next day warning me of it. Although it would have been too late for someone who didn’t understand it was a fishing scam.

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